Saturday, 26 October 2013

theBalm Frat Boy Shadow/Blush

Today's reviews is of theBalm's Frat Boy Shadow/Blush.  In the last year I've become slightly obsessed with blushes.  I don't have a load of them because I don't see the point having loads of the same shades but I love how they can change your make up completely.  

Frat Boy is a pink (I want to say has a reddish tone to it but does that sound stupid?!)  It's a matte finish which is my favourite, I love the option that if the blush is matte I can add the shimmer where I want it or not.

I quite like the cardboard packaging, theBalm products always reminds me of Soap and Glory with their quirky names etc.  I don't know why but the cardboard makes me feel that it would be secure for travelling.


The bottom line is... I feel like this colour is amazing on pale to medium skin tones, however I wouldn't buy it again purely for the reason that in my opinion my favourite budget blush, Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in 'Sweet Cheeks' is a very close alternative at a fraction of the price.  I do already have a review up of that one if you'd like to see what I mean!

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  1. Hi Karen, loving your blog lately. It's making my wish list longer though lol xx


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