Saturday, 30 November 2013

Glowy Winter Skin

For longer than I care to remember I have been obsessed with matte skin, mainly because of my oily combination as I felt like it gave me an extra couple of hours grace before my natural oils set in.  Recently, since being introduced to theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer I have favoured a little glow to my skin, particularly as the weather gets colder and my own oils calm down.

When I went to the #midsummermeet back in August we watched a demonstration of how to highlight and contour by Benefit where the make up artist mixed a little of Benefit High Beam in with their foundation to create that stunning glowy appearance.  Call me stupid but this amazed me, previously it had never occurred to me to mix it in with something else and I'd only ever dabbed into onto the top of my cheekbones.

Currently I've been using MeMeMe Beat The Blues which I consider to be a very close budget alternative to Benefit High Beam and it's working fantastic.  Obviously depending on your ratio of foundation to liquid highlighter will give you either a subtle luminosity or a full on glow.

I also have Benefit Sun Beam which is more of a gold tone so I'm keen to try this out for a special event, perhaps when I'm a little tanned or closer to the summer.

I love the fact that although you can buy foundations with certain finishes, I can amend mine to suit the type of look I'm going for that day.  Perfect!

Obviously the only downside is that if I'm going through a bad skin patch, I have a few spots or whatever it's best not to do this, or at least not in those areas as it definitely draws attention to the uneven surface.

Let me know if you have tried this and what you think, I know I'm not reinventing the wheel here but at the age of 28 it's only just come to me so I figured you may not have tried it either... yet!

Friday, 29 November 2013

TMI tag

Are you ready to read too much information about me?  Brace yourself.
1: What are you wearing?  A nightie.  Not like an elderly lady nightie but a short one... Okay it's not too short SHORT one... I'm in bed writing this out so I'm giving you legit answers!
2: Ever been in love? Of course! I'm in love now
3: Ever had a terrible breakup? Yes.  Absolutely awful.  He controlled me and then decided one day not to answer my calls again... Ever.  I was lost.  
4: How tall are you? I think I'm either 5' 3 or 5'4 
5: How much do you weigh? No chance kittens - my weight isn't going up online!
6: Any tattoos? Nope.  Half of me would love something super delicate but the other half is too scared.
7: Any piercings? Ear lobes and that's it, they were bad enough and I have no desire to get any others.
8: OTP?  I have had to spend a ridiculous amount of time watching other people's you tube videos to find out what this means.  Apparently it means "one true pairing" so if I've understood the question I'm going to say my mum and dad as they're the happiest couple I know (mostly!)
9: Favourite Show?  Catfish
10: Favourite bands? I don't have a favourite band as such, I just like good music.
11: Something you miss? Those days when life was less complicated.
12: Favourite song?  Tough one, changes daily.  Right now I love One Republic - Counting Stars
13: How old are you? 28
14: Zodiac sign? Pisces 
15: Quality you look for in a partner? Someone who compliments me as a person.
17: Favourite actor? None to mention specially but my eyeballs appreciate a few of them. 
16: Favourite Quote? Generally the ones that help me worry less.  Something like "everything will be okay in the end.  If it's not okay, it's not the end"
18: Favourite colour? This changes constantly.  Today I shall go with red. 
19: Loud music or soft? Soft
20: Where do you go when you’re sad? Under the stairs.  Just kidding, that's full of rubbish that my husband has shoved so there's no chance of me fitting in there.  Probably my mum's - pestering her cheers me up.
21: How long does it take you to shower? Depends if I'm doing my annual leg shave or not...!
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Hair wash included? Too long.  Normal day - about 45 minutes. 
23: Ever been in a physical fight?  Not an actual fight no. 
24: Turn on? When my house is really clean. Awkward.
25: Turn off? Unattractive odours.  Say no more.
26: The reason I joined Blogger? Because I had even more to say than what I could fit into a you tube video(!)
27: Fears? Biggest fear is death.  I appreciate no ones a fan but I'm not that keen on it.
28: Last thing that made you cry? Children In Need.  Those two little boys that died in one of the videos.  Massive lump in throat at that.
29: Last time you said you loved someone?  Probably my husband or my mum.  I have to constantly tell my mum as she forgets things easily.  She  will read this and tell me she doesn't but that's okay as she'll forget. 
30: Meaning behind your Blogger Name?  It matches my you tube channels.  Originally the name just came around as I wore false lashes on a daily basis and I'm a scouser.  Bingo. 
31: Last book you read? Cheryl Cole's auto biology.  Loved it.  Sad I got to the end.  
32: The book you’re currently reading?  I've downloaded a few but I haven't started yet as no one is gonna compare to Cheryl.
33: Last show you watched? I'm a celebrity... Get me out of here!
34: Last person you talked to? My husband as he went to sleep and I wrote this.
35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Lovers.  Just kidding.  That's cringeworthy isn't it? Oddly my husband texted me... Lying in bed next to me.
36: Favourite food? Sit down... There's a list... Ben & Jerry's, chicken tikka, macaroni cheese, bacon butties...
37: Place you want to visit? All of the states
38: Last place you were? Technically I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth.  Unless you mean outside but that was technically the front doorstep?  Unless you mean a location and that would be my mums, why didn't you just say that though?!
39: Do you have a crush? Always
40: Last time you kissed someone? Today
41: Last time you were insulted?  I actually can't think of a time recently..
42: Favourite flavour of sweet? Lime!!  I go for all of the green sweets! Praying its lime... Gutted if it's apple
43: What instruments do you play? Pots and pans.
44: Favourite piece of jewellery? My engagement, wedding and eternity rings. 
45: Last sport you played? Channel surfing
46: Last song you sang? It was actually a hymn as mum has been to a funeral of an old friend and I was trying to see if I remembered how it went. 
47: Favourite chat up line? I never needed a chat up line, just a flirty eyeball.
48: Have you ever used it? The eyeball? Of course.  Not too often though, I'm not one of those girls.
49: Last time you hung out with anyone? Me and bezzie went on a rock n roll trip to Homebase in Warrington last Sunday.  She thoroughly enjoyed sitting in traffic for the best part of an hour and I didn't even get the floor lamp I wanted.  See? I told you it was a rock and roll trip.
50: Who should answer these questions next?  Anyone with a blog I read.  Tagging you all!
If you would like to read any more of my tag posts, please click the 'get to know me' label.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Origins Calm To Your Senses Lavender and Vanilla Oil For Bath and Body

For the best part of a year I've been struggling to sleep.  Previously my head would hit the pillow and I was gone but now this happens only a few nights out of the month.  Since then I have tried numerous products to help me calm down and get ready to float away on a fluffy cloud including the Origins Calm To Your Senses Lavender & Vanilla Oil For Bath and Body.

I'd describe the fragrance as a balanced amount of lavender and vanilla, maybe a fraction more lavender.  Put it this way, it's not a strong lavender scent like pure lavender oil.  I say this as I know a lot of people don't enjoy lavender because it can get a little overpowering.  Also it has the association of the older folk lining their chest of drawers with pouches of the stuff to make their clothes smell nice.


When using  the Origins Calm To Your Senses Lavender & Vanilla Oil For Bath and Body in the bath it fills the room with the calming scent and as we all know the bath itself helps you relax, ready for bed.  On evenings that I haven't got time to run a bath I will apply some directly to my chest area and arms for the aroma to be around me as I climb into bed but also it leaves my skin moisturised as it contains skin-nourishing Soybean Oil, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil to silken, soothe, soften and smooth.

Some may find the scent quite strong, I think this is more of a personal opinion so it might be worth visiting a store first if you're unsure.

The bottom line is... this oil definitely helps relax me before bed.  I think it would be a great gift for someone who struggles to sleep too.  At £23 it's not the cheapest bath oil but you only use one or two capfuls per bath so I can foresee that I will have this bottle for a long time. 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wet n Wild Mega Length Mascara

I know every beauty junkie has their favourite product to hoard and obsess over, for me it's eyeshadows and any sort of lid decoration but I can see a small mascara obsession forming.  

Today's post is about Wet n Wild Mega Length Mascara that I bought when I was over in the States last month.  I hadn't heard anyone talking about it specifically but I picked it up on a whim as it was $2.99 - who can argue with that price?!

Let's be honest, the packaging of the mascara itself is cheap.  It literally feels like something out of a children's cosmetic set.  Twisting it shut it makes me wonder how airtight it is for that reason, only time will tell about that as it doesn't click or anything when it's tightly closed.  I appreciate for the equaliant of £1.85 this is exactly what you would expect however I did want to put in my thoughts on it.


When I first opened the mascara and clapped eyes on the brush it took me by suprise, I'm not entirely sure I've ever tried a mascara with a thinner brush however it really does do an effective job of lengthening my lashes.  I wouldn't say it adds volume but then I think that not everyone wants that as volume often causes the clumpy look.  I think that it does a really good job for the price but it wouldn't be my first choice mascara for fluttery lashes.


The bottom line is.. If I had the opportunity to buy this mascara again I would but not for my top lashes... I absolutely adore this mascara for my bottom lashes!  It solves a problem that I hate which is trying to wiggle a huge mascara wand on them without hitting the skin underneath.  I can't speak for the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara as I've not tried it but to me it's a budget alternative as a fraction of the cost and it can also be used on your top lashes too!  Result! 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Concentrated Rinse Off Treatment

If you read my blog post a few days ago about wanting to get my hair in good condition, then you'll know that I'm starting to focus my attention on any hair products that will help me in my quest!

I received a tube of the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Concentrated Rinse Off Treatment in a GlossyBox recently and decided to test it out for myself.  At 15ml, this is a full sized product designed to give a 60 second treatment shot. 


Once I had shampooed my hair I then moved towards the application.  For some reason I expected it to be an oil, like those VO5 hot oils that you used to buy years ago but it was actually a white thick conditioner style formula. 

I happily discovered that my mid length hair can get away with two applications out of the tube and it smelt pleasant and very 'salon-like.'  Once my hair was blown dry I could definitely feel the moisture boost it had given me.

The bottom line is... I really enjoyed this little hair treat.  At £1.49 per tube it's affordable for an occasional treat, bearing in mind that most hair masks are more on the pricey side.  I would highly recommend to pick this one up and try out for yourself for sleek, smooth hair.

Monday, 25 November 2013

NOTD: Gold Starburst Nail Foil in Shellac

After wearing polish for more than a week to review the new Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels I was keen to get my beloved Shellac back on.  I wanted to go for something a little showstopping as it's coming up to the Christmas party season and it gets people to start thinking about what they want on their own nails.

I finally settled on Shellac with foils which I feel are the ultimate eye-catcher and as soon as I arrived at college at least three girls commented on it.


This is Shellac's Sugared Spice with Gold Starburst Foil on top which I generally buy from  

I do have a video below on this method using Shellac although you can do this with any gel polish.


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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Getting Your Hair Into A Good Condition

So today's post is to talk about my little hair challenge I've decided to try and do. Since I started back at college in September to do hairdressing I have been slowly been learning how to get your hair in the best condition.  After a lot of thought I figured I couldn't exactly preach to clients how to look after their locks if I couldn't look after mine so I'm doing something about it.

I'd consider myself to have a decent condition to my hair despite me colouring it and also I straighten it every time I wash it.  Now I appreciate straightening damages your hair but I previously reasoned with myself that it makes it really sleek so you'll never know about the damage unless I don't do it and that won't be happening.  

I do do the odd thing to help the condition too.  For example I never dry my hair from soaking wet, straight out of the shower.  When I get out I always use my Soap and Glory turban which I did a review on back in July.  You're meant to leave your hair to dry naturally until it's around 70% dry to avoid excessive heat damage.  To be honest I always do this for a number of reasons.  Firstly I appreciate the sitting down once I get out of the shower but also I find my hair works better into a style if I leave it to dry a little and it definitely stays smoother.  


My friend Jayne (hey Jayne if you're reading!) has been trying to 'go heatless' for a while now to help her hair.  Now she just uses the cold setting on her hair dryer and rollers for volume.  She's basically completely cut out the use of curling tongs and straighteners and said that her hair feels so much better for it. 


Now let's go over what I've learnt in college... Your hair is like fish scales going smoothly down from the hair root to the ends.  Chemical treatments like colouring and perming damage your hair along with heat, particularly straighteners and curling tongs because they're extremely hot.  Each time you damage your hair you're causing the cuticle to ruffle up (those fish scales on the surface) and damage to the cortex (the layer underneath) basically leaving holes in it, causing it to become porous.  Once the cortex is damaged you can only temporary fix it by using products to effectively fill in the holes like conditioning treatments.   You should also always try to protect your hair from further damage by smoothing down the cuticle for protection by trying to get them to lie as flat as possible which will also help with shine.  To do this you should always dry your hair from root to tip keeping the hairdryer nozzle pointing down the hair shaft.  

Now currently I'm sporting some semi permanent hair colour which I was thinking of getting rid of and having something else put through it but I think I'm officially putting a hold on that for the time being.  For this past week I have been leaving my hair to dry to the 70% and then using my hairdryer as usual but not for an excessive amount (I'm not doing Jayne's cold setting method because I figured I'm doing enough changes, my hair should be grateful as it is!)  

So far, this is my thoughts and observations:

* I'm saving time as I don't need to straighten it.
* It seems to last longer between washes as I swear that when I straighten it the heat almost makes it appear greasier quicker.
* My hair has more of a bounce to it as it's not all completely smooth and sleek as I'm used to.  This does have a slight downside too as my hair looks a little messier since I only do a very basic blow dry with a round brush and don't go over it again and again as you would do in a salon to keep the level of heat to a minimum.

I do plan to do some conditioning treatments which I typically don't do very often, particularly as in summer my hair doesn't need the extra moisture.  I have been applying a very small amount of Moroccanoil to the ends of my hair which I've never really used before.  I've also been using my No Tangle Hair Brush which is far more gentle and especially designed for wet hair which is when it's at it's weakest.  I do have a full review of the hair brush which explains how it works here.

The one thing I'm dubious of is the fact that alot of hair products simply coat your hair to make it appear healthy but don't actually do anything for the condition.  This is fine for a special event for example but long term the layers of product eventually builds up and then a clarifying shampoo is needed to strip it back, meaning you're back to square one. 

I hope you've found this post useful.  If you know of any amazing hair products or tips that have worked for you, please let me know!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Origins No Puffery Cooling Mask For Puffy Eyes

Today's post is all about the Origins No Puffery Cooling Mask for Puffy Eyes.  This product was sent to me by Leanne at Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder Blog because she's a star.

Now as you all know I'm incredibly honest, to the point where as you probably find out things about me that you wished you hadn't!  Here's another one, I don't suffer from puffy eyes.  I have dark circles genetically no matter how much sleep I get but puffy eyes are not something I've ever suffered with so I won't be able to review this aspect of the product.

Origins say:

Watch puffs go poof.  Partied too hardy - Haven't slept a wink - Logged on too long.  Pamper your peepers with this refreshing icy-eye remedy. 

Bag-banishing Yeast Extract (an insider beauty secret) de-poufs the look of puffs as it brightens the appearance of dark circles.  Hoelen Mushroom Extract extract calms surrounding skin to help keep the look of redness from settling in.


I applied this mask with my ring finger to my eyes one evening after a long day sat at the computer.  The instant it hit my skin it felt hydrating and cool. 

I wonder if it's just me but every now and again I suffer from dry eyes.  I wear glasses only for distance like driving and I do go for eye tests etc.  I'm not sure if it's extreme weather or central heating but it's an uncomfortable feeling.  Applying this mask seems to hydrate my whole eye area and fix this problem.  I generally don't enjoy using those eye masks you can buy that you put in the fridge as the cold gets to my head and often causes a feeling close to a headache.

The bottom line is... if you suffer from tired eyes then I would highly recommend it.  This is the type of product I would take with me if I was driving a distance or on holiday somewhere so that I could apply it after a long day.  

If you're looking to de-puff then I can imagine this mask would definitely help towards it.  I'm not entirely convinced that it can bright dark circles but this isn't really why I would use it. 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

As you probably know by now, whenever I head over to the States or Canada I make a list of everything I like the sounds of when I watch the US You Tubers.  One of the products I was after was the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer as it was mentioned on a few You Tubers channels.  I triple checked that we couldn't get it in the UK as I won't waste any of my baggage allowance on anything I can get here and you couldn't!

Onto the review, straight away I knew the consistency was one that I would enjoy.  It's a thin, lightweight gel that sinks straight into your skin, making it absolutely idea for wearing under make up as it doesn't coat your skin like some creams do.  

The scent of it is fresh and awakening, when I looked at the packaging in a little more depth I found out it was meant to be cucumber.  I wasn't that delighted about that as I can't stand cucumbers but thankfully I can't really detect it.

After application my face is left feeling smooth and hydrated which is a rare thing, I have only found certain moisturisers that feel like they work on my skin.

The bottom line is... I think this moisturiser is perfect for in the morning before make up.  With regards to price it's brilliant and you get alot for your money, just as you would expect from the Clean & Clear brand.  

I think that if you get the chance to pick it up you should, particularly if you're like me and have oily/combination skin as it's lovely to not have a thick layer on your face.  I would say however that I would definitely have a heavier duty cream for the night as I don't know how deeply it moisturises.

I hope you found this review helpful!  If you have any questions please let me know.  The second photo shows you the smaller travel version that I got free with my bottle.  I noticed this was on small bottles but not all of them.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation

Today's post is all about the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation which I finally got around to purchasing a few months ago.  I had gone to Boots to buy the new L'Oreal Eau De Teint as I'd run low on foundation but it hadn't arrived into the store so I finally decided to check this well hyped product for myself.  

To be brutally honest I find searching for the right shade of foundation a daunting task.  You have to get it pretty close to spot on and it's not all about too light or too dark but if it's more yellow toned or pink toned... I hate it.  Luckily with this one I didn't have too much trouble and settled on the shade Eclat Clair 51.


I love that this foundation comes with a pump.  Don't get me wrong this wouldn't put me off buying it if it didn't but I can use the pump as a guide to the amount I use as well as knowing the product is fresh in the bottle.

This foundation is of a medium consistency and blends easily into the skin leaving a beautiful glow.  For years now I've been obsessed with the matte look due to my oily combination skin but on cooler days and throughout winter I do enjoy a glowy finish.


I find that the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation wears very well and is one of the best in terms of durablity that I've tried with a really good coverage but yet still feeling light.

The bottom line is... it's a winner.  It smells great, my face doesn't feel like it's covered in make up and I adore the healthy glow it gives.  If you haven't tried this foundation already - what are you waiting for?!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My Work: Shellac in Blue, White & Silver

There are quite a few colour combinations that I enjoy together whenever I see them and one of those is blue with silver.  I just love it, if it's a royal blue with silver or a baby blue it makes my eyeballs happy.

Ali was going on her holiday and wanted blue polka dots on her toes but with something to match them on her fingers. 


As she already has chosen Shellac Azure Wish for her toes I used a combination of Azure Wish, Silver Chrome and Cream Puff for the base colour of each nail. I then used the Shellac with foils technique with my Silver Starburst foil on the ring finger and applied the polka dots for the index finger.

I adore this combination of colours and designs.  I just think it's perfect for the heat in summer and the cold chilly nights of winter.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels

Today's post is a review of the new Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels that have been recently launched in the States although they will be launched in the UK in 2014.  I first saw them mentioned on Melanie's You Tube channel and made a note for my trip overseas.

The collection consists of three groups: Freshes,  Fruits & Florals and Sweets & Spices.  Whilst I was shopping this caused me a problem because I was torn between picking the polish for the colour or the scent.  I eventually settled on one from the Freshes section and one from the Sweets & Spices section.  


Let's start off with the bottles - they're just cute aren't they?!  I love that if you a few of them stored together they'd look like a tiny perfumery (nice marketing idea Revlon - I'd totally fall for that)

The brush is the traditional width which is great for a better control but obviously will mean you will need more strokes, this doesn't bother me at all.  The formula is very smooth and coverage is pretty quick with a minimal amount of coats.

Now onto the scents... I purchased Autumn Spice and Beachy to wear together.  Autumn Spice is exactly what the name suggests with all of those cosy spice scents like nutmeg and cinnamon.  

Beachy is more subtle with a fragrance close to sun tan lotion and that generally typical beach style scent. 

You can't really detect the intended scent nail polish from the bottle, it only seems to develop as your nails dry and even then it's the individual fragrance mixed with typical nail polish sniffs.


I was dubious as to whether I should apply a top coat as I didn't know if this would dull the scent, obviously I knew if I didn't I couldn't give a thorough review on the longevity of the polish.  In the end I wore this polish for just over a week with a top coat on all but two nails.  Surprisingly I found that I could still smell the scent equally on all nails although it only lasted for around 24 hours overall.

Onto the wear... unfortunately within the day my nails started to chip on my thumb and then a day or so later the others started to chip.  I re-applied to those fingers but the same happened not long after.  


I feel like if you're a regular nail polish wearer you'll have a rough idea how long polish lasts on you and for me I can get at least five days out of so this was pretty poor.

The bottom line is... Since the scent is the unique selling point of this product and it doesn't last for a long time I'm unsure whether I would purchase any more when they are launched in the UK.  I appreciate that since we're all constantly washing our hands, there probably isn't a way around this but with the fragrance gone you might as well have bought a regular polish.  

Although I'm on the fence on this one, I hope you found my review interesting.  I do have this review in a video format below showing you the application  too.


Monday, 18 November 2013

Beauty Therapist's Guide To: Tanning

Since spray tans are one of the services that I'm trained in, I thought I'd share my knowledge with you.  Whether you're using a self tan at home or going to a salon to be professionally spray tanned, you can still get the best out of it.  At the end I'm also include the instructions before a spray tan and tips to help it last longer, just in case your therapist has missed something.

So firstly, the thing you need to know is that all false tans stick to the horny layer of skin (no sniggering at the back please!)  This is the top layer of skin that you are constantly shedding and replenishing.  You should be advised by your therapist to exfoliate 24 hours before your tan.  The reason for this is that it gets rid of any build up of dead skin cells but gives your skin enough time to replenish what is lost so that you have just the right amount for the tan to react to, giving you a more long lasting colour.  Once you know this you'll probably be as puzzled as me that some premium brands offer an exfoliation as part of their procedure directly before your tan.  It will still develop but won't last as long.

All self tan products contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA.)  DHA is a colourless sugar that interacts with the dead cells in the horny layer.  It always makes me laugh when people try to say that something doesn't have that 'typical fake tan smell' because it mightn't at first but you will always get that scent to some degree because that's the DHA working it's magic.  

Now if you have any dry areas on your body like your elbows and knees, the therapist should provide you with a barrier cream to smooth a thin layer over those parts so that the tan doesn't cling too much.  If you're tanning at home the best thing to do is to mix 50% of your tan to 50% moisturiser in those areas to lessen the colour.  This trick has always worked brilliantly for me.  I do generally do this also for my hands if I'm using a tanning lotion as there's nothing worse than having patchy hands.

Once your tan has developed as per the guidelines, it's important to know that oil breaks up tan.  I'm a big fan of body oils but if it's going to lose me my newly bronzed colour than I will steer clear of it.  Also shaving is a form of exfoliation so if you try and do of this beforehand or even better, waxing (which would need to be done at least 24 hours prior to false tanning) it will help keep your tan even.

If you're nervous of getting a spray tan, don't be.  I know you're potentially stood with a limited amount of clothes on with a stranger, but all they're concentrating on is making sure they've followed the correct procedure and covered you evenly with the solution.  If anyone shows signs of nervousness with me I tell them straight 'look I'm looking at you like a fence panel that I need to get all areas,' I normally get a giggle out of them.  

So onto the preparation before your spray tan:

* Exfoliate 24 hours before
* Shave or Wax 24 at least hours before
* Apply polish to your fingers and toes to prevent staining
* Ensure you arrive with no make up, perfume, lotions, oils or deodorant on
* If your hair is long, bring something to tie it up with.
* Wear lose clothes for when you leave.
 * Wear older underwear
After your spray tan:

* Do not use oils (body, hair, cleansing)
* Avoid the rain / any types of splashing whilst developing.
* Blow your nose so that the colour doesn't give you a shock later!
* Try to not wet the backs of your hands when washing them whilst the tan develops.
* Avoid touching underwear / whatever you tanned in or your skin for a while.
* Wipe over all nails to remove any excess solution.

I just wanted to add a little bit on the end of this post about spray tans.  I have people contact me and ask me the price but no one ever asks me what brand I use.  I suppose that's because if you're not in the industry you wouldn't know what was good but you can easily find out online!  

If this spray tan is for an important event, a prom, a wedding etc then you really should ask around what's good.  Use social media to your advantage "Who knows somewhere that does good spray tans?"  The amount of times I've had people say to me "I had a spray tan once and it was orange..."  There is a vast difference between each brand in terms of colour and lasting power.  For the sake of a pound or two wouldn't you rather have a golden brown natural colour than an orange toned solution used on you?  If I said to you "50p more and I'll do you a 7 day tan over a 3 day" one you'd jump at the chance I'm sure!

For reference I use Nouvatan which is currently a UK produced and based company.  This post isn't sponsored by them, in fact I shalt even be telling them it exists.  For each treatment I offer I research the best brands I can find and on colour and staying power Nouvatan won hands down.

I hope this post was useful to you, I've tried not to miss anything out!!  I've you've made it this far - thanks so much for reading !

Sunday, 17 November 2013

RMK Cleansing Balm

You know when a product surprises you?  Today is all about one of those products that simply exceeds all expectations.  I received the RMK Cleansing Balm in a beauty box months ago and honestly although I'd heard that RMK is a good skincare brand I clearly wasn't in any sort of a rush to try it.  I'm funny like that, I need to have something sat there for a little while before I'm willing to put my trust in it to do the job.  I did this with dry shampoo, I wasn't willing to use it for the first time on a day I was desperate to wash my hair so I tested it out one night before a shower and it worked, hurray!  

I digress... onto the actual review! I've never tried a cleansing balm before but my initial thoughts were that they wouldn't be able to remove eye make up, assuming that I would need a separate product in conjunction with them.  I can thoroughly confirm that I was wrong.  

I finally got around to massaging this balm into my dry face one evening, dissolving my waterproof mascara with ease and vanishing all traces of my face make up.  This probably sounds ridiculous but I was shocked, I literally wasn't expecting it to be this good. 


My other original concern was that the fragrance may slightly sting my eyes whilst I massaged it into my lashes but it doesn't at all.  The scent is rose, I wouldn't say it was a vague one either so if you really can't stand rose then you maybe be put off this a little.  I find it pleasant and it doesn't bother me at all.

Once the balm is washed away with water my skin is left feeling soft and hydrated.  Another thing I quickly noticed was that usually after washing my face it starts to feel dry, I then have to hurry up and apply my moisturiser but after using the balm I can put my moisturiser and eye cream on when I'm ready.


The bottom line... I shall be purchasing the full sized tub of this without a doubt.  At £29 for a 100g tub it's definitely a more luxury product but I can totally justify it as it makes my life so much easier when I just want to climb into bed at night.  Just to add also that the sample tub I have is 25g and I have used around half of it now with around ten uses so a little does go a long way.  

I have no hesitation in recommending the RMK Cleansing Balm to you, I think you're gonna love it!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter

I have to admit I generally don't buy an awful lot from The Body Shop.  When I was first allowed to town with my friends I would go into their shop and smell everything but it was always too pricey.  Although I've had a few of their body butters in the past from gift sets or whatever, it doesn't really occur to me to buy one of them for myself.

Have you ever smelt a lovely scent and knew you recognised it but couldn't place it?  This happens to me all of the time with The Body Shops Mango Body Butter.  All of their body butters are incredibly thick and luxurious leaving your skin hydrated and smelling wonderful.  Their Mango scent is a best seller and it's easy to see why.


The bottom line is... I would definitely say that if you haven't already you should check out The Body Shop' Body Butters.  They're not the cheapest way to moisturise your skin if you're on a budget but they are truly luxurious and would be great for a present too. 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal - 55 Inked In Pink

Up until last month MAC Paint Pot in 'Painterly' was my number one eyeshadow base.  Although I hadn't tried them myself I introduced Bezzie to the Maybelline Color Tattoos a while ago and she loves them.  The reason why I didn't buy any of them at that point was because it always put me off that the testers in the stores were always dried up, to the point where as you got literally no colour on your finger.   


This all changed when part of my US list included shade 55 - Inked In Pink.  Half of me wanted to get it because it's a shade we can't get in the UK and the other half thought that I could finally try the Color Tattoo line out for myself. 

The second I swatched this colour I was in love.  It's a metallic dusty rose shade that glides flawlessly onto the skin.


Now to be fair it's pretty unlikely that I will wear this as an eyeshadow on it's own.  I know it's a stunning shade but something deep in my brain tells me I need to set a cream with a powder.  I generally always put a similar shadow on top which helps it show true to colour.  

That being said if I was short on time one morning, once this eyeshadow dries it doesn't budge.


The bottom line is... judging by this pot the Maybelline Color Tattoo line is definitely something I need to explore further.  Inked In Pink is an amazing colour.  I think it's a good alternative to champagne shades, adding colour without being too shocking.  Once this pot has run out I would definitely either order from overseas or add it to my list for my next US visit.  This cream eyeshadow is definitely one to check out!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Glossybox November 2013

Today's post is all about November's Glossybox.  If you've read last months review you'll know that October's box was pitiful and that's putting it politely.  However as soon as November's box was delivered I knew it had to be a good one as it was noticeably a lot heavier.  When I got to the stage of opening the tissue I did a little squeal, I'm not sure if it was out loud or in my head but in front of my eyes was a box packed with goodies.


I feel like it's a shame to say this but I really do suspect that GlossyBox have a method of handing out a terrible box full of samples that you could have gotten for free, almost like they're stocking up on the good products for a 'big blow out' of the good stuff the following month.   

I feel like previous years a lot of the beauty boxes have done this before Christmas.  Typically the best boxes are the Christmas ones so they're thrown out anything they could lay their hands on the months before.  I can't speak for anyone else but I would put up with that and hold out for the Christmas box.  I know this months is a good one but I mean generally, this is what I've noticed.