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Getting Your Hair Into A Good Condition

So today's post is to talk about my little hair challenge I've decided to try and do. Since I started back at college in September to do hairdressing I have been slowly been learning how to get your hair in the best condition.  After a lot of thought I figured I couldn't exactly preach to clients how to look after their locks if I couldn't look after mine so I'm doing something about it.

I'd consider myself to have a decent condition to my hair despite me colouring it and also I straighten it every time I wash it.  Now I appreciate straightening damages your hair but I previously reasoned with myself that it makes it really sleek so you'll never know about the damage unless I don't do it and that won't be happening.  

I do do the odd thing to help the condition too.  For example I never dry my hair from soaking wet, straight out of the shower.  When I get out I always use my Soap and Glory turban which I did a review on back in July.  You're meant to leave your hair to dry naturally until it's around 70% dry to avoid excessive heat damage.  To be honest I always do this for a number of reasons.  Firstly I appreciate the sitting down once I get out of the shower but also I find my hair works better into a style if I leave it to dry a little and it definitely stays smoother.  


My friend Jayne (hey Jayne if you're reading!) has been trying to 'go heatless' for a while now to help her hair.  Now she just uses the cold setting on her hair dryer and rollers for volume.  She's basically completely cut out the use of curling tongs and straighteners and said that her hair feels so much better for it. 


Now let's go over what I've learnt in college... Your hair is like fish scales going smoothly down from the hair root to the ends.  Chemical treatments like colouring and perming damage your hair along with heat, particularly straighteners and curling tongs because they're extremely hot.  Each time you damage your hair you're causing the cuticle to ruffle up (those fish scales on the surface) and damage to the cortex (the layer underneath) basically leaving holes in it, causing it to become porous.  Once the cortex is damaged you can only temporary fix it by using products to effectively fill in the holes like conditioning treatments.   You should also always try to protect your hair from further damage by smoothing down the cuticle for protection by trying to get them to lie as flat as possible which will also help with shine.  To do this you should always dry your hair from root to tip keeping the hairdryer nozzle pointing down the hair shaft.  

Now currently I'm sporting some semi permanent hair colour which I was thinking of getting rid of and having something else put through it but I think I'm officially putting a hold on that for the time being.  For this past week I have been leaving my hair to dry to the 70% and then using my hairdryer as usual but not for an excessive amount (I'm not doing Jayne's cold setting method because I figured I'm doing enough changes, my hair should be grateful as it is!)  

So far, this is my thoughts and observations:

* I'm saving time as I don't need to straighten it.
* It seems to last longer between washes as I swear that when I straighten it the heat almost makes it appear greasier quicker.
* My hair has more of a bounce to it as it's not all completely smooth and sleek as I'm used to.  This does have a slight downside too as my hair looks a little messier since I only do a very basic blow dry with a round brush and don't go over it again and again as you would do in a salon to keep the level of heat to a minimum.

I do plan to do some conditioning treatments which I typically don't do very often, particularly as in summer my hair doesn't need the extra moisture.  I have been applying a very small amount of Moroccanoil to the ends of my hair which I've never really used before.  I've also been using my No Tangle Hair Brush which is far more gentle and especially designed for wet hair which is when it's at it's weakest.  I do have a full review of the hair brush which explains how it works here.

The one thing I'm dubious of is the fact that alot of hair products simply coat your hair to make it appear healthy but don't actually do anything for the condition.  This is fine for a special event for example but long term the layers of product eventually builds up and then a clarifying shampoo is needed to strip it back, meaning you're back to square one. 

I hope you've found this post useful.  If you know of any amazing hair products or tips that have worked for you, please let me know!

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