Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mac Melon Pigment

Today's post is about a truly multi purpose product which is MAC's pigment in Melon which is beautiful peachy gold toned shade.  I had had this on my wishlist for such a long time after watching a video that Tanya Burr made on the different ways that you can use it. 


I find that it's not as messy as I originally thought.  As long as you remember to tap your brush before applying it which you probably do with your eye shadows anyway, 

I have used it an eyeshadow both on the lid and as an inner corner highlight, a tiny amount to highlight the top of my cheekbones or cupid's bow, added it into a lipgloss... it truly is a multi use item and I love that about it.

The above photo is taken directly out of the pot.


This photo shows what the pigment looks like when you wet your brush to apply it, turning it into a foil / metallic effect.

The bottom line is.. I feel that MAC pigments are an investment buy if you know you will definitely use the shade.  I don't have many of them but the ones I do have I will choose the colour wisely before purchasing as they last an incredible length of time.  Due to the type of shade it is I feel like if you're going to invest then this is definitely one to check out.


  1. I have the Old Gold MAC pigment and I love it for the inner corners of the eye. I never knew you could use them in so many ways!

    Ashleigh x

    1. Oooo yeah Ashleigh you need to get playing !! You can do a lot with them (depending on the colour!) x


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