Saturday, 2 November 2013

My MASSIVE Sephora Haul

Now I'm back from my holiday travelling around New England and Chicago it's time to get haulin'!  

Today's post is about the huge amount of products purchased from Sephora.  I went over with a hefty list of things we can't get our mitts on in the UK.  Let me tell you there was only two or three things I didn't get and that was just because I decided I didn't 'need' it, hilarious really as none of this I needed but I could somehow find a justification for.

(A small snippet of what I got)

Originally I was going to try to photograph everything individually for this blog post but you would have had to dedicate at least a day to get through it so my haul is in a video format with swatches where possible.  I had to squeeze it all into 15 minutes so if you don't see a swatch on something you will see them here over the next few weeks as I plan to review each item as I go.

Enjoy !

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