Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My Work: Shellac in Blue, White & Silver

There are quite a few colour combinations that I enjoy together whenever I see them and one of those is blue with silver.  I just love it, if it's a royal blue with silver or a baby blue it makes my eyeballs happy.

Ali was going on her holiday and wanted blue polka dots on her toes but with something to match them on her fingers. 


As she already has chosen Shellac Azure Wish for her toes I used a combination of Azure Wish, Silver Chrome and Cream Puff for the base colour of each nail. I then used the Shellac with foils technique with my Silver Starburst foil on the ring finger and applied the polka dots for the index finger.

I adore this combination of colours and designs.  I just think it's perfect for the heat in summer and the cold chilly nights of winter.

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  1. Those are beautiful colours, and they go so nicely together.


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