Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels

Today's post is a review of the new Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels that have been recently launched in the States although they will be launched in the UK in 2014.  I first saw them mentioned on Melanie's You Tube channel and made a note for my trip overseas.

The collection consists of three groups: Freshes,  Fruits & Florals and Sweets & Spices.  Whilst I was shopping this caused me a problem because I was torn between picking the polish for the colour or the scent.  I eventually settled on one from the Freshes section and one from the Sweets & Spices section.  


Let's start off with the bottles - they're just cute aren't they?!  I love that if you a few of them stored together they'd look like a tiny perfumery (nice marketing idea Revlon - I'd totally fall for that)

The brush is the traditional width which is great for a better control but obviously will mean you will need more strokes, this doesn't bother me at all.  The formula is very smooth and coverage is pretty quick with a minimal amount of coats.

Now onto the scents... I purchased Autumn Spice and Beachy to wear together.  Autumn Spice is exactly what the name suggests with all of those cosy spice scents like nutmeg and cinnamon.  

Beachy is more subtle with a fragrance close to sun tan lotion and that generally typical beach style scent. 

You can't really detect the intended scent nail polish from the bottle, it only seems to develop as your nails dry and even then it's the individual fragrance mixed with typical nail polish sniffs.


I was dubious as to whether I should apply a top coat as I didn't know if this would dull the scent, obviously I knew if I didn't I couldn't give a thorough review on the longevity of the polish.  In the end I wore this polish for just over a week with a top coat on all but two nails.  Surprisingly I found that I could still smell the scent equally on all nails although it only lasted for around 24 hours overall.

Onto the wear... unfortunately within the day my nails started to chip on my thumb and then a day or so later the others started to chip.  I re-applied to those fingers but the same happened not long after.  


I feel like if you're a regular nail polish wearer you'll have a rough idea how long polish lasts on you and for me I can get at least five days out of so this was pretty poor.

The bottom line is... Since the scent is the unique selling point of this product and it doesn't last for a long time I'm unsure whether I would purchase any more when they are launched in the UK.  I appreciate that since we're all constantly washing our hands, there probably isn't a way around this but with the fragrance gone you might as well have bought a regular polish.  

Although I'm on the fence on this one, I hope you found my review interesting.  I do have this review in a video format below showing you the application  too.



  1. lovely colours-i thought the bottles were salt and pepper at first haha

  2. The colours look gorgeous on, such a pit about the wear time (and if you can smell the scent they're supposed to be through a seche vite top coat it would be a miracle!)
    I quite like the idea of scented nail polish, but the more I think about it, it has left me wondering what the point would be, haha!

    S xo.


    1. Haaa!! It would have normally been Seche Vite too but my Orly Glossier was closest! I'm the same about scented polish. I have these and one from Models Own and I have no idea what the real point of them is! x


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