Saturday, 9 November 2013

Urban Decay Heavy Metal in 'Baked'

I thought with the party season about to commence it was time to talk about glittery eyeballs with Urban Decay Heavy Metal in 'Baked.'  I've had this for a pretty long time as there isn't a lot of occasions to use it!

Urban Decay's Heavy Metal range is a clear base with glitter.  The applicator is a precision eyeliner-style brush.  Urban Decay say to paint thin lines with the tip of the brush or sweeping colour with the side of the brush for dramatic jewel-encrusted eyes. 

I don't agree with this at all because it would take a lot of layers and messing around with the brush to load up that amount of glitter for 'jewel-encrusted' eyes, even applying on top of an eyeshadow.  Hopefully you can see on the above photo that the glitter is pretty sparse. 

The plus point to this product is that once the clear base is dried you do not run the risk of the glitter falling down onto your cheeks like other eye make so it is less messy.

The bottom line is.. I wouldn't buy any more of these.  At £13 a go you're paying for the Urban Decay brand but it's not translated into the quality of the item.

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