Wednesday, 11 December 2013

CND Additives: Open Road Collection

Today's post is all about the new Additives from CND's Open Road Collection.  Let me start off by telling you that most of them are pretty gorgeous!

Let's go through the colours first.  The five limited edition colours are:

Denim Geode - a grey toned powder that provides an ultra fine holographic shimmer.
Emerald Mirage - a spring green / gold mix.
Amethyst Flash - a mix of blue and purple iridescent tones.
Copper Mine - straight up copper.
Desert Chameleon - a red / burgundy shade with a hint of blue

Now I choose five Shellac shades per additive to try and show you what they're like over different colours.  I could go on forever finding new combinations but hopefully these will give you a good idea of what they're like.

Shades with Emerald Mirage.

The same shades closer with Emerald Mirage.

Shades with Amethyst Flash.

The same shades closer with Amethyst Flash.

Shades with Desert Chameleon.

The same shades closer with Desert Chameleon.

Shades with Denim Geode.

The same shades closer with Denim Geode.

Shades with Copper Mine.


 The same shades closer with Copper Mine.

Unfortunately Copper Mine only changes slightly.  It's more of a shade that I will use with nail art or as a full colour but I am a big fan of the rest of them, they're beautiful!

I hope you've found this post useful.  As usual I have filmed a video showing you the swatches when they move to give you the full effect.  CLICK HERE


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  1. I swaer, every time I read your posts or watch your tutorials my jaw drops, I'm always like 'oohhh and aawww' first the foils, now them all..I wish I had 100 fingers so I can wear them all at once, so pretty and so hard to pick a fav ;) x


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