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Dr LeWinns Renunail 3 Step and Hand Cream

One of the most common questions I get asked is about nails and how to get them into good condition.  Shortly after watching Anna (ViviannaDoesMakeUp on You Tube) talk about the Renunail system I got the opportunity to test it out for myself. 


Despite my knowledge of how to care for nails, my own sometimes will go through a 'rough patch.'  Currently ** touch wood ** they're pretty strong, so I decided to test the Dr LeWinns Renunail 3 Step To Longer Nails and Hand & Nail Cream on a real challenge, my mum's nails.  Years ago mum had talons to be envied but in recent years they've been awful - constantly brittle, splitting and peeling.

Mum's nails before

Whenever I do my mum's nails I have a challenge on my hands because the nails on both of her thumbs and index fingers rip along the nail bed so she ends up hacking away the corner of the nail to stop it catching and then I have to somehow make it into some sort of a decent shape. 


Dr LeWinns 3 Step consists of:
  • Dr LeWinns Renunail Regular Strengthener 30ml: Eliminate peeling, flaking and chipping whilst promoting stronger, longer and healthier looking nails with this superior nail care treatment to harden and protect natural nails. Fortified with calcium, it also helps to repair damage.
  • Dr LeWinns Renunail Nourishing Oil 14ml: Containing an expert blend of nourishing oils, antioxidant vitamins and soothing herbal extracts, it softens your cuticles and strengthens your nails so that they grow strong and healthy.
  • Dr LeWinns Renunail Sensitive 14ml: Formulated with diamond dust and pearl powder, it infuses the nail with fortifying proteins, helping to nourish and protect so you can say goodbye to brittleness.

The process 
  • Apply two coats of Renunail Nail Strengthener onto clean nails, avoiding the cuticle area and then one coat daily for the next 5 days.
  • On the 7th day remove with nail polish remover.
  • Repeat the process 3 times. (Each program lasts for 25 days).

Allow your nails to rest for 1-2 weeks between programs.  At this time you are to apply one thin coat of Dr LeWinn's Renunail Sensitive Nude daily for 4 days.  Remove and repeat treatment 3 times.


You are to also massage Renunail Nourishing Oil into the cuticles after the Nail Strengthener has dried each time you apply a new coat which Mum did and then afterwards she applied the hand and nail cream. 

Straight away Mum was delighted to see the shine on her nails.  She's convinced that the Sally Hansen strengtheners do not make your nails as glossy as this kit does and like a good girl she applied it without fail, every day for a month.

Mum's nails after initial application

Mum's nails after four weeks

Believe me when I say that I couldn't be more shocked at the turn around.  Put it this way, this woman chips polish within a day.  She's even managed to break at least four acrylic nails within 48 hours in the past so I'm truly shocked to report that for a whole month her nails did not chip, rip, split or peel. 

With the first few days of using the hand cream she noticed a massive difference in the texture of her hands along with the nourishing oil ensuring that she did not suffer from any hangnails.

Mum's thumbnails after four weeks

Her thumbnails had been the biggest problem previously but during the four week time period she didn't need to file them at all as no edges got caught.  At the very least I expect the strengthener to chip and it didn't whatsoever. 

The bottom line is... this product really works!!  I figured if this worked for my mum it could work for anyone and it has.  You can purchase any of the bottles separately although the fact that the nail strengthener bottle is 30ml (the equivalent of two bottles of OPI polish) does mean that you wont need to for a really long time.


If you'd like to watch this review in a video format, click below



  1. this sounds amazing and to actually see results in the images, it's a definite miracle worker. I know a few people with the same issues as your mam and could do with this. Plus it works (once it's applied everyday) I'll have to tell them about it..such a difference

    1. It really did make a difference Sarah! I just couldn't believe it didn't chip on mum, she can chip polish within hours but this was just so strong and protected them brilliantly x


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