Sunday, 29 December 2013

How To Use Up All Of Your Make Up Powder

I feel like this blog post couldn't be more straight forward and super basic but after watching an empties video I was inspired to still blog about it.  The girl in the video showed a product with a little less product in it than the one I have here but regardless you can still do the same thing I do with far less than even she had.

With my method you can turn this..


.. into this and have more than a week's worth of product to use up. 


I don't want to call it a tutorial as it's far from that but I have linked the video here where I show you what I do.  I always do this and for some reason with this particular Rimmel powder I actually prefer it loose! 

I've done this with Nars Laguna on many occasions too when it's only had milimetres left around the edges!!  I hope you find it useful, I must admit I get a bit of a weird kick out of it.

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