Monday, 23 December 2013

Lush Bubblegum Sugar Lip Scrub

When I was in my teens I bought a lip scrub from Boots in the shape of a lipstick that scrubbed your lips as you applied it.  It was like a balm which had little beads in it.  That brand has since evaporated so I hunted high and low for the same thing but couldn't find it and that's when I decided to try out Lush's Bubblegum Sugar Lip Scrub.  

At £5.50 for this dinky little pot, I'm on the fence as to whether the price is worth it since after all, it is mainly sugar.  The scent is fabulous and although I've had this pot for quite a long time it's not faded or changed at all.

I find that as the sugar doesn't stick to your lips on its own, the easiest way to apply is by using a lip balm and patting the scrub on top.  This makes it less messy by far and you can really work it into the skin.  A bonus point is that it tastes just as it smells.  

The bottom line is... I think this is a great product.  You could almost certainly make something similar yourself but that would be less fun than treating yourself to this little glass pot.  I think personally it would be a great idea to buy a pot between you and your friend or something as I've barely made a dent in this one, considering the amount of times I've used it.  

If you're a regular lipstick wearer I'd say it's an essential step before application for the perfect result.  

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  1. Mmm just bought this as well, about a month ago. I can't get over the unique smell. Lovely product!


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