Monday, 30 December 2013

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel

I bought the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel foundation whilst over in the states in October.  It had been on my list for months and I knew no matter what I had to have it (how dramatic!) 


The assistant matched me to two colour shades, telling me that I was in between so I decided to go for the lighter option, reasoning that I can always warm it up a little.  This shade turned out to be their lightest colour, 10 Ivory Light.


I love the packaging and it truly feels sleek and sophisticated.   This foundation has a pump so it's easy to get the same amount each time and exactly what you'd expect for the price tag. 


The consistancy is smooth, glides right onto the skin, blending easily.  Due to my oily/combination skin I do find that foundations don't last on me an incredibly long length of time but the Genius Gel stayed in place longer than most other foundations that I have tried which speaks volumes.  I also felt like I didn't really need to powder, like it was built into the product and it has a medium coverage as I do need a little concealer as well.

On my skin it felt lightweight and seemed to make it appear alot smoother than it really is which blew me away.  My only regret is that I didn't consider the darker of the two shades that the assistant matched me to as this is extremely pale so I cannot wear it anywhere near the summertime.


The bottom line is... I realise this foundation is only currently sold in Sephora stores and therefore it not currently available in the UK but if I had the chance to purchase another in a darker skintone I would.  If you are near a Sephora store I would definitely recommend trying it out as it lives up to the name - it's genius!

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  1. Ooh hello! Great review, I've been eyeing this for a little while :) Shame it's not UK-buyable yet :(

    Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog



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