Wednesday, 25 December 2013

My Work: Penguins in Santa Hats and Christmas Traditions

Today I wanted to do a special blog post as it is Christmas Day.  To those who celebrate it, happy Christmas and for those who don't I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday.

Let me start by showing you these nails that I did a few days ago.  Ali loves penguins and had booked her Christmas appointment with me so I played around and came up with this penguin with a cute little Santa hat.  

For these nails the main colours that I used Shellac in Water Park and Azure Wish.  On top of Water Park I applied a white AB glitter.  

Ali's little finger is truly tiny but I still managed to get a baby penguin on each one.  

Christmas Traditions

Now I wanted to do something a bit different for Christmas Day so I thought I'd chat a little about my family traditions.

Firstly we always open our presents in pyjamas.  Although I no longer live with my parents, I will go as far as getting ready in the morning and then put on a fresh pair of pyjamas to head over to my parents house in.  

Coco Pops are always available at their house for breakfast.   This is because when I was little my folks didn't have much money so since cereal was expensive, Coco Pops were a treat reserved only for Christmas Day.  This is also the same for Coca Cola.  

We have "table presents" which is just a little something that sits next to our cracker at each place setting at the table.  This is normally a gift specifically for the person, chosen by my Mum.  When my Nanna was alive she would always provide my Mum's table present.  Also you were only allowed to open the present if you finished your dinner!

Sadly my Nanna passed away on Christmas Day 2009 so we always have a champagne toast to her each Christmas Day.  She is also remembered on my Mum's Christmas tree by a bauble  I had made especially that sits pride of place at the top.  

One the day we always have a proper dinner at lunchtime and then a "party tea" at dinnertime.  A party tea consists of sausage rolls, sandwiches and things like that.  

After the party tea we will often sit and watch the Christmas specials on television or play games.  The games that we play are generally things like Trivial Pursuit which my Dad generally wins hands down.  Mum will try and get us to play Cluedo with her as she always moans "no one else wants to play Cluedo with me..." But a few years ago we did and it got completely messed up as she had forgotten the rules.  

Boxing Day is pretty much the same as Christmas Day but a bit more relaxed and without the gallons of presents.  What I decided to do a few years back with my husband is to hold three good presents back to exchange on Boxing Day.  The reason for this is so that you have time to digest everything you have and something to look forward to the following day too.  

I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog post.  I've really enjoyed sharing this special post with you and shall come back later today or tomorrow and fill this in with some photos to show each event.

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  1. Can you post a how-to for the penguin nails?! Adorable!!


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