Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Reflecting Back On 2013

Brace yourself.. this could be a long one.  I know many people that hate New Year for a variety of reasons, I have never really been one of those.  I look at it as a time of year to reflect on the year that's past, the highs, the lows and the future so that's what today's post is going to be.  

I'm not going to lie, this year started off rocky personally for me.  This was due to reasons totally unknown to me and I still cannot explain.  I will always remain true to my feelings and not fluff things up for the blog as it would not be a true reflection of me.  In the future I may post a random blog post on it to help anyone who is feeling lost but for now I don't want to dwell on it.  

That aside I had some amazing highs, my You Tube channel continued to grow with thousands more subscribers and tens of thousands of views of my little videos.  Honestly you will never know how happy it makes me that people come to see what I have put together.  I think people would assume that You Tubers forget the individual viewers but without you all I would just be some weirdo with a camera.  It blows my mind to think that something I do can be accessed all over the world, reaching far away lands.  

I also made the decision in June to start my daily blog.  This blog itself was created in February 2012, although I made a few blog posts I could never get past the feeling that I was talking to myself and no one was reading it.  Some days I still have that feeling but then I look at the views to remind me that I can see that there are definitely people reading each post.  Blogging each day has also linked me with other bloggers on Twitter and I now feel a definitely part of a community.

A particular highlight of mine was to be contacted by LookFantastic.com to be part of their reviewing team.  I have used their website for a long time so was delighted that they found my little space on the web.  They also invited me to their #midsummermeet which was a nerve wracking experience but I buzzed about it for a really long time afterwards in a really uncool fashion.  To top it off at the start of this month I was their Blogger Of The Week on their site.  

Another great honour was to be contacted by Julia, an ambassador of CND to thank me for my great video on the latest Shellac range.  This email truly blew me away, I never expected that anyone from CND would ever come across a video of mine.  She also mentioned that if I was ever over in Manchester that she would love to arrange a meeting with me.  I simply cannot put into words what it feels like to be contacted by such a large, successful company.  

My business as a nail technician and beauty therapist continued to grow immensely this year.  My appointment book is busier than ever and my job is still something I thoroughly enjoy.  Apart from not having the same constant set of colleagues like I've had in previous job roles, I'd say that what I do is literally the dream job for me.  With it has also brought me many new friendships that continue to blossom.

In 2014 I look forward to qualifying as a hairdresser in June and continuing to watch my appointment book get even fuller.  I will always allow time for both my blog and You Tube channels, along with continuing to answer emails from subscribers, tweets and any other way I can interact with others.  If you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram then please do, it's my favourite way to chat to everyone.

I'll finish with this, I hope that your year has been a good one.  If it hasn't been the best then please try to stay positive because everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, it's not the end.  Worrying wastes valuable time that you could have spent being happy, I wish I could have told myself this this time last year.  You truly can live your dreams, if you believe you can't then the only person holding you back is yourself. 

I wish you all a brilliant start to 2014.  I hope that you all continue to join me on this journey and I hope that if we haven't had the chance to become friends yet that we will this year.

All my love,

Karen x


  1. You just get better and better with each year don't you, so exciting that we'll be graduating at the same time. I know I've said it before, but I'm so proud of you for leaving the safety net and going after your dream. An inspiration to myself! Congratulations on the success of the year and your new .co.uk

    Happy new year lovely :) hope yourself, hubby and kitties have a fab one!

  2. You are an inspiring person. You have given me so many hints and tips this year and I am so grateful. I hope I get more time in 2014 to follow my dreams as lately I have found jugling my work, college, family and friends very challenging and growing my blog n stuff has taken a back seat (*sulk face!*) so my hope is to utilise ur wisdom more in 2014! Thanks for all ur help Lady Lashes! X


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