Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Rimmel Match Perfection Silky Loose Powder

Picture the scene, I'm there at the front of the queue at a very busy Superdrug and the assistant is telling me their 3 for 2 is only for three of the same brand.  I had two choices, forfeit my free one or go and find another Rimmel product to get 'free' * I can hear my Dad saying to me 'nothing is ever free Karen' as I type* and rejoin the queue.  I choose the latter, a true beauty junkie will not give up the opportunity to get another bit of make up.  I picked up the Rimmel Match Perfection Silky Loose Powder to give it a try.

I sometimes don't know where my brain links things but because the packaging is shaped like the MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder I figured it might be a budget alternative.  I love the MAC version as it sets my make up and smoothes out minor imperfections. 

This powder comes with a puff which I have watched Wayne (gossmakeupartist on You Tube) use to roll a powder on for setting your make up.  The thing that was incredibly apparent straight away is that this product is pretty messy.  Once the powder has filtered through the little holes made to section it off until you need it, it ends up all over the top of the puff and then as you remove the puff, everything just gets full of dust (which hopefully you can see below.)


That aside the powder is silky smooth and glides onto the skin.  It doesn't leave the skin looking overly matte and has matched my natural skintone as well as when I've had a spray tan.  I typically use it under my eyes and down the my T zone to take away the shine.  Honestly if you're after a long lasting matte finish then I'd probably say this isn't for you as I find that the texture it leaves doesn't last that long, a couple of hours at best.

The bottom line is... I believe that the Rimmel Match Perfection Silky Loose Powder is a great setting powder for someone after more of a glowy look and perfect for summer when you want the lightest of products it's virtually weightless on the skin. 

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