Monday, 16 December 2013

Winter Tag

The Rules
Share 12 random facts about yourself.
Answer the 12 questions.
Tag 12 bloggers to do the tag, It can be anyone you like.
Let the bloggers know you tagged them.

Facts about me:
  • I have two cats called Poppy & Henry.
  • I'm obsessed with white furniture.
  • I have two older brothers.
  • My favourite season is Autumn.
  • I like to sing.. a lot.
  • I want to visit every US state at some point, so far I've done 6.
  • I once went onto the ferry to Dublin with a boyfriend by the time it arrived we had to wait the 45 minutes and get back on as it was the last one of the day.  Ridiculous but true.
  • I don't smoke.
  • I don't like Harry Potter.
  • My favourite sweets are always the green ones as I love lime. 
  • I have been to the Maldives - amazing but absolutely nothing to do.
  • I probably own around 50 perfumes.
Here are the questions:

What are you favourite things about winter? 
Being cosy whilst the weather is mental outside.
What is your favourite winter outfit?
Leggings, some sort of jumper dress and boots.
What is your favourite winter food?
Something like Lasagne or Cumberland pie.
Favourite winter drink?
I don't like tea or coffee so I'd say hot chocolate or a chicken cup a soup.
What is your dream way to spend a winters day?
Snowing outside, on the sofa with a blanket watching Christmas films.
How do you like to do your make up in the winter? 
I wear my make up for how I feel for the day.  Generally it's something dramatic and a sheer lip gloss or neutral and a bright red lip.
What are you hoping Santa brings you?
Well I already know Santa has gotten me a Mini Ipad so everything else is a bonus.
What are the first three things that remind you of winter? 
Candles, Blankets and hot food.
What is your favourite winter song? 
The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York
What is your favourite winter memory? 
Probably when I was little and we would get up really early to play in the snow before school.  One time the snow had started while I was asleep and my Dad knew it would be gone by the time I was awake so he got some and put it in our freezer because he's cute like that.

What is your favourite winter scent? 
I don't have a winter specific scent.

Finish this sentence... If I could have one wish this Christmas, It would be...
For everyone to be happy.

The photo at the top is me when I was 6 dressed as a fairy in Santa's Grotto.  Officially I'm meant to tag 12 people but since I know loads of bloggers I don't want to miss out anyone so just do it if you fancy it!  Thanks to Melody for tagging me!

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