Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bourjois Color Edition 24h eyeshadow

This post was one I was unsure whether to make because I didn't actually even get to the stage of purchasing the item (thankfully!) but I figured I'd still mention it just in case anyone ordered online or something and didn't get the chance to test them first.

Today's post is on the Bourjois Color Edition 24h eyeshadows.  As you may know by yesterday's haul, I've been on a little bit of a new product kick and was in boots on Sunday, seemingly desperate to try something new.  

 Left to right: Bleu Tenebreu, Petale De Glace & Prune Nocturne

These eyeshadows caught my eye, I picked up the silver shimmery one (Petale De Glace) and almost instantly made a decision to purchase it.  I swatched it and it was a little lighter than the pot made it appear but still looked like a perfect inner corner shade.  That's when I picked up the cranberry shade (Prune Nocturne) and nearly fainted with shock when I swatched it and this muddy shade appeared (as photographed above.)  I then swatched the navy (Bleu Tenebreu) which looked amazing in the pot and again, a terrible dirty colour appeared on my hand.  

Bourjois advertise these shadows as an 'intense' colour but as far as I'm concerned you'd be better to stick to the Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoos 24hr eyeshadows. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post.  I did originally instagram it but I figured that not all of you are following so may have missed it.  If you've tried them, please let me know what you thought!


  1. Ooh I've been looking at these and trying to decide whether to buy or not, but maybe I won't now. Not keen on the swatches, doesn't look anything like the colour in the pot!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs

    1. The worst of it is I actually did a really heavy swatch you know. I didn't say this in the blog post but I really went for it and this was the result. Hopefully no one wastes their money on these. I was so disappointed x

  2. Ive not tried these yet but I love the Maybeline colour tattoos so may stick to them

    Carrieanne xx

    1. I need to get more Color Tattoos myself! Thanks for reading x

  3. Oh my bats in the pot it looks amazing. But that swatch, there is no excuse for how bad that swatch is :O
    Definitely glad I saw this post before going out and buying those, my local boots doesn't always have samples to swatch, so I'd have bought that thinking it was true to the colour in the pot. :O

    Juyey xx

    1. Seriously Juyey, those swatches were really heavy. That was honestly the best I could do. I couldn't believe it. If I ever find something awful like this I think I will do it as a blog post. Although I can't speak from a buyer point of view as I'm not going to waste my cash on it but this was an obvious dud x


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