Thursday, 2 January 2014

Empties December 2013

I feel a huge relief when it comes to that time to 'haul my junk' so-to-speak.  I wish it was more make up but the good thing is make up lasts so long so I rarely get through a product.  

On a side note, here's an odd thing I've been thinking about.  Imagine this, beauty junkies like myself try to focus on getting through products so that we can test them out, in hope to try other things or just to minimise our collections.  This is sometimes the case but in most cases this is never gonna happen.  Let me tell you why, if you've managed to finally get through something and bought an alternative then the chances are whilst you're working through that you'll get bored and buy another one to try out whilst still using the replacement one.  This is how our collection grows instead of shrinks.  

Alternatively we will race through a product to 'trial it' and then what do we do?  We fall in love, call it a 'holy grail' and buy another the moment it runs out.  This results in us being in the exact same position as before!!


Anyway, it's time for me to show you my junk.  Thankfully most of this are not things I will repurchase so I feel like this time I have truly made more space for new things to come into my life but this moment is shortlived.

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