Thursday, 23 January 2014

GlossyBox January 2014

I have no idea why but it feels like the last time I received a GlossyBox was years ago.  I think it's because I have to remind myself that I'm now only signed up with one company as at one time I had three on the go each month!

I received my box yesterday, kindly from my neighbour who signed for it but was then selfishly out all day so I couldn't get my mitts on it.  I'm kidding.

I haven't had a chance to watch any other videos on this one but judging by the comments on my video, it seems there are a few people that weren't that impressed with the contents.  For me it's just the disappointment of seeing the same brands again, Balance Me is one of them which I get a little bitter over, particularly as one of their products seemed to irritate my skin which never happens either so I get a little uneasy when I see another one to try out from them.

The tweezers kinda saved the day with this one as up until then I thought I was going to rant about the box and that's when I noticed them peeking out.  

I will use them all so that's good news.  Click here to watch my video on it.

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  1. I got those tweezers in a previous box, they didn't even close properly enough to grip around any stray hairs. I would have been ever so disappointed in this box.
    Anoushka xx


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