Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Got2b 2 Sexy Big Volume Push Up Spray Mousse

I bought a bottle of Got2b 2 Sexy Big Volume Push Up Spray Mousse after I watched Zoe talk about her hair routine and it totally sold me on it as her hair is amazing. 

The scent of it is absolutely delicious raspberries and when I first got home with it I put a little bit on my hand to see what the texture was like.  The thing I enjoyed straight away was that it didn't make my hand sticky as I expected and it's the same when it's in your hand.


I think with all mousses you can't expect to apply it and expect it to do all the work.  You do really need to blow dry your hair for root lift to help it last but if you're a fan of extra volume then you probably do all this anyway so the extra step of applying the mousse whilst your hair is wet is just an extra moment or two more into your routine.

The bottom line is... I love this mousse! I'd recommend it without a doubt as I really don't think you can go wrong with it and it does exactly what you'd expect.

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