Thursday, 9 January 2014

Listerine Pocketpaks Breath Strips

Today's post is really random and I appreciate that but I felt like it was still a worthy topic, especially for those of you in the hair and beauty industry or anyone who works in a close proximity to others.

There's nothing worse than having someone sat close to you who has committed the ultimate social faux pas by eating garlic/ cheese and onion crisps or drunk a jugful of coffee etc right before their appointment.  To me there's nothing worse anyway so my working week consists of carefully considering my lunches but for the occasions that I'd slipped up then the best thing to do is typically to suck a mint.  

Now I might be alone in this but I don't think it's professional to have something rolling around your mouth during an appointment, not even a mint and DEFINITELY not chewing gum.


Here's where my fabulous Listerine Pocketpaks Breath Strips come into it, they are a brilliant!  They're 24 paper thin strips packed into a tiny pocketpak.  Each strip is packed with an amazingly powerful, breath freshening quality that fizzes away the moment it touches your tongue.  The best bit is that your client wont detect them as you're not chewing or rolling anything around your mouth and they're calorie free!  

Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge these are no longer available in the UK, however you can buy them on the UK ebay at a fairly decent price so that's where I shall be ordering my supplies once my US stock runs out.

The funny thing is you may be thinking this is a sponsored post, it wasn't but I just thought I'd mention them if you can't prise yourself away from the pickled onion Monster Munch.

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  1. lol I love pickled onion monster munch crisps.great post I like Listerine mouthwash and these strips look good for freshening the breath :)


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