Monday, 20 January 2014

MUA Extreme Curl Mascara

Today's post is about my budget buy, MUA Extreme Curl Mascara that I purchased from Superdrug for the tiny price of £2.  


The packaging is pretty snazzy, well as snazzy a £2 product could possibly be.  The brush is curved which is different to most of the mascaras I've tried.

I bought this in the store so I didn't have the description on the website to go by.  If I had of purchased online, I would have known that oddly their description says nothing about adding length or volume and probably would have smelt a rat.  The reason for this, I gather, it because in my opinion it doesn't add either!

The only claim that they give is that it gives a shapes your lashes with a beautiful curl from root to tip, which I think is stretching the imagination a little.


I think that in this case, the price determines the type of user.  It's perfect for a teenager who is just getting into wearing a little bit of mascara.  It coats the lashes and therefore makes them slightly darker but that's about it.

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