Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Hand and Body Lotion Wipes

You know when you see a product and you're like "BOOOOM, that's an amazing idea!" I got this feeling when I saw the Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Hand and Body Lotion Wipes in Target a few months ago.  If you're interested in trying out the Pacifica brand there is a selection of their range on Feel Unique (free worldwide shipping) click here.

The idea behind it is that they are literally a wipe that provides moisture to your skin.  The second I saw them I just had to pick them up and try them.  I had visions of them being amazing for travelling, on planes in particular when the air is drying out your skin and you're limited on the amount of liquid you can take on board I think they'd be fab. 

The one thing that I can say for these wipes are that they smell amazing, tropical, fruity, delicious.  I also like the packaging, it looks exactly like they smell.

Now it might just be me but when I opened the pack I expected each wipe to be coated in moisturiser and be pretty wet.  Nope, they just feel like a regular make up wipe.  The first thing I did was rub one on my arm, felt just like a make up wipe on my arm.  I touched my arm a minute or two later to see if it felt any softer... can anyone guess what it felt like?  Yeah it just felt like a make up wipe had just touched my arm.  I really don't feel like these wipes do anything in terms of moisture.


The bottom line?  I don't like them.  I don't feel like they're fit for purpose, I wouldn't say they work as they're suppose to.  They smell amazing but that's all.  I will keep these in my car as an emergency to wipe my hands or something but that's about it.  I'm only glad that I actually got this pack half price at $3.50 or I would be even more disgruntled! 

I now challenge other brands to come up with lotion wipes that work.  I think it's an ace idea and people will love it!

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