Monday, 6 January 2014

Spring Moon Manicure Nail Tutorial

The grass is always greener isn't it?  In the height of summer I'm secretly dreaming about the cold winter days when you can snuggle up but then now we're in the depths of winter I've started to think about the sunshine and light mornings.  


With this in mind I came up with the Spring Moon Manicure Nail Tutorial to get my temporary fix of pastels and light prints.  I really like the colour combination, it's just so light and fresh.  I wanted to do this design in Shellac in particular because providing I look after them they can just grow out as they are and therefore give me a little longer with them.

I think this is possibly one of my favourite designs, it's so straight forward but I love the look of it.  If you try it out, please let me know!  Tweet me a photo or tag me in it on instagram.

Here is the tutorial...

Can't see the video? click here

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