Friday, 31 January 2014

You Beauty Discovery Box January 2014

If you read my Love Me Beauty Box post a few days ago then you'll know I've decided to try a few new beauty boxes.  After being subscribed to GlossyBox from their second ever box and Birchbox (originally Boudoir Prive) from their first box, it was time for a change.  After months of empty threats I cancelled Birchbox but continued to subscribe to GlossyBox.  I wanted to keep one of them going for the time being and at the time it seemed that GlossyBox was slightly better.

I think the thing with these beauty boxes is that they have you by the short 'n' curlies.  You don't want to cancel and then miss out on the next box if it's amazing. 

After probably around 6 months with just the one box, I finally feel ready to give my love to a new box so for some reason I decided to sign up for two!  (Yeah, when I think about it it makes no sense to me either)

Drumroll for the second of my new subscriptions, You Beauty Discovery.  The biggest difference with this one is the price.  At £6.95 including postage it's just over half the price of some of the other beauty boxes.  

With that in mind I totally expect a lower quality box but I like their more refreshing concept of allowing you to choose two of your products and then they provide some 'beauty extras.'  The Love Me Beauty Box allows you to choose a package of products to receive but obviously this could mean that you're risking getting one product you wont use to get another that the package includes.  

The box is seriously dinky and I even enjoy that it's not the same size as the other boxes.  As it's so small it means the products are packed tightly and gives the feeling of being full to the brim of goodies.

I think although both of my new subscriptions have the element of 'pick what you want' which I love, I may end up favouring this one over Love Me Beauty as I do have the extras that I am not expecting, therefore there is a surprise factor like the original companies offer.

As usual I've made a video of all of the products as well as the other products that I had a choice of, just to give you an idea of the options.  

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