Sunday, 23 February 2014

GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Face Mud Mask Treatment

I'll try and not get too passionate about this review but it's hard to contain my excitement.  I bought the GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Face Mud Mask Treatment in a smaller trial size from Sephora when I was in the States.  I'd watched quite a few You Tubers rave about this product, the main one being Fleur De Force but after me following her recommendation on the Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes I found myself less keen on trying the YouthMud out.  I appreciate that's ridiculous but I kept in the back of my mind for 'something to get around to.'  I think this coupled with the fact that I hate face masks that dry on so they're really difficult to remove.

Needless to say I eventually put my big girl pants on tried it so let's get down to the essentials.  The scent is herbal and organic, overall I'd say it was really pleasant.  I use this mask super sparingly, I'm talking the thinnest I can get it across my face which I think it something important to remember given the price and that you want it to last. 


The formula has some leaf like pieces in it which I found a little odd and looked weird randomly attached to my face but I went with it. The moment I applied it I started to feel it tingle.  I wouldn't say it was a minty tingle (like I expected) but more of a feeling that you get at first when you don't know if you're skin is having some sort of reaction to it but it settles down if you keep it on.

After ten minutes it had changed to a lighter shade and dried.  I used water and a circular motion to exfoliate the mask from my face.  Now I don't know if it was because I only used an extreme thin amount of it but I could feel the gallons of grit exfoliating my face but equally it wasn't terrible to remove. 


When my face was dry I felt a big different straight away, my skin looked and felt smoother and I was just wowed by it.  When I woke up my skin still felt amazing and even days later the effect seemed to have lasted.  Needless to say I'm giving this mask the seal of approval.  I don't believe I used very much of it up at all so although it's expensive I do think it will last a really decent amount of time.  I think I'm in love!

I think I would use this on a luxury pamper session or just before something important that I wanted my make up to apply flawlessly, basically as a way to 'prepare the canvas.'  I actually can't believe how much I like it and if I continue to get the same results when I do decide to use it then I shall definitely repurchase!


  1. i love this product too, results are amazing!

  2. I've seen so many people raving about this mask, i defiantly need to try it out!

    - Amy x x x


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