Wednesday, 12 February 2014

MUA Blush in Cupcake

I feel like I am possibly the last person on the MUA bandwagon.  Call it beauty snobbery but I just figured that £1 for some of their products must mean that they're really poor quality.  Eventually I have cast my thoughts aside and purchased a few of their products including a mascara which I have already reviewed last month.

I choose the colour Cupcake as a shade to wear for a more subtle cheek.  I have a lot of really bright shades but I wanted to get something similar to the MAC blush 'Peaches' which I also have.  Oddly it looks more peach in the pan but in these photos and on my cheeks in real life it comes off more pink than peach.

The packaging is exactly what you would expect for £1, in fact to be fair it's pretty decent quality for the price and sturdy to protect it from breaking if you're traveling.

Cupcake is a matte shade which is my favourite type, if I want shimmer I'll add it and they look more natural.  It's also pretty buildable, if you compare the above photo to the below you can see this.


Since I bought it it's been literally the blush I've worn non stop for the month.  When it comes to lasting power I have to admit I don't think it lasts an awfully long time however if I have a long day at work I will often re-apply once half way through but I typically do this for my bronzer anyway.


Overall I'd say that this blush is an absolute steal and one that you need in your collection.  The colour is perfect and extremely pigmented.  With the only issue being the long term lasting power throughout the day, you just have to figure out whether you want to pay more than five times the amount for a higher quality brand or just reapply this when needed.

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