Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My Work: Sky Blue Shimmer Over Acrylics

Kerri's favourite colour is purple.  For that reason she's had most of my purple options but every now and again she's goes for different shade.  

There's something about saying to your clients 'I have these that have just arrived...' that make them instantly want to try them so when I brought over the new Shellac Paradise Collection, Kerri initially went for Sultry Sunset but by the time I had rebalanced her acrylic nails she had changed her mind to Cerulean Sea with Sizzling Sands Additive over it.


I  absolutely adore this shade.  Although the weather is cold the brightness of it just cheers my eyeballs up!  I'm itching to wear it with Bicycle Yellow in the summer, I'll definitely make that happen!

Here is my CND Shellac, Vinylux and Additives 
for the Paradise Collection Video:


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