Thursday, 13 February 2014

Paradise Collection: Shellac, Additives and Vinylux

I was genuinely delighted to be invited up to Creative Academy+ Manchester by their Education Ambassador Julia to meet the latest Paradise Collection.  The range consists of six new Shellac shades, five Additives and six Vinylux in matching colours to the Shellac.  

This was one of their training areas that they adapted so that I could film my comparison video (link at the end of blog post.) It's very snazzy in there with its simplistic but super chic decor.  In actual fact their currently expanding to the upstairs of the building to create large even more beautiful training areas to cope with their demand!  

If you're a nail technician then I'm sure the above photo is as exciting for you as it is for me, the entire range laid out and ready to be played with!

Let's get started on the colours.  For Shellac & Vinylux they are:

The Additives are:

The mix of these bottles make my eyes happy, they're just so bright and vibrant.  I can understand why the word on the street is that this is set to be the best collection yet!

Left to right: Cerulean Sea, Electric Orange, Bicycle Yellow, Lush Tropics, Sultry Sunset and Tango Passion.

For me the additives that stand out are Midnight Tide and Sizzling Sand.  I also think it's a brilliant edition to receive a free  logo thumb palette and spatula with the set.  I have previously watched Holly (Fingernail Fixer) showcase this amazing gadget but couldn't find a UK Stockist so this is brilliant news.  

Left to right: Tropic Sunrise, Island Heat, Midnight Tide, Pink Lotus and Sizzling Sand.

I'm delighted that they have released the same shades in Vinylux.  It's perfect for those clients that don't want the longer wear of Shellac as they like to change colours.  It's brilliant that they can still enjoy this beautiful collection but still switch it up as they please.

Here are the Shellac shades straight of the bottle:


I have swatches of the Additives on my video (click here) but the options are endless!  


Probably one of the most commonly asked questions I get is 'where can I buy Shellac?' so I thought I'd answer here for you.  To be able to purchase the genuine product you need to be a qualified nail technician / manicurist.  If you're in the North West of the UK contact Creative Academy Manchester for training (click here)  If you're already qualified then regardless of your region, if you're in the UK you can place your order with them by calling 0845 2000 311.


Here is the video!


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