Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Small Haul With A Definite Lime Theme

Today's post is just a small haul, tiny some might say.  I went to Boots for cotton pads, that was literally it just because I think their own brand cotton wool double oval pads are the best.

Anyway, I'm a massive lime fan.  Anything with that bitter but zingy scent is going to totally seduce me.  Needless to say when I came across the Champney's Lime range I was like a moth to a flame.  After going back and forth on what to choose, I've picked up the body wash, hydrating body gel and foaming body scrub

Now I have to say that I do believe straight off that each product should be relabelled 'lime and peppermint' in the large font as I would say the scent is equal parts of each.  It does state peppermint in the smaller font but the overall label gives you the impression that it is prodominantely lime which it isn't.  As for the products themselves, you shall see reviews of them on here as I trial them all.


I did get my beloved cotton wool double oval pads.  I love how huge these are and the softness for wiping over my face and neck with a micellar water.  I just feel like nothing else compares to them.  

Once I had been to the till, I then get the "£5 off No.7 skincare" voucher pop out with my receipt which I normally bin.  On this occasion however I decided to go and get their make up wipes as I know that they are a ridiculous price of £7, so at least I get to try them.  I've heard good things about them but I do think the price tag is crazy, probably put there purposely for when they offer the "£5 off" vouchers because anything less and you really would be getting them for free.

Anyway, after that tangent... that's it for the haul.  I told you it was small.  Please let me know if you've tried any of these products!

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