Wednesday, 12 March 2014

BaByliss Curl Secret Hair Curler

After probably the best part of a year I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase the BaByliss Curl Secret Hair Curler.  With a recommended retail price of £120 it's hardly a light decision to make but I had waited so long at that point and still wanted one so I went for it.

The idea behind it is that you section a small piece of hair off and just clamp the curler on it at the desired height of where you want the curl to start.  It will suck the section into the barrel and after the beeps you can then release a perfect curl.

Now I bought the curler to use on my own hair (because I find curling the back of my head to be a complete nightmare) but also as a safer option to use on my clients when I qualify as a hairdresser.   For that reason I've really tested it out to the limit before I go near anyone else's head.


Firstly this is an incredibly easy machine to use, it is truly as easy as it looks.  You have heat settings for different hair types.  The machine will automatically curl in alternative directions which is brilliant so that you don't end up with one huge curl in the end.  The downfall to this is that most people like to curl the front sections away from their face so you have to get smart when you're coming to the end and when you know it's going to be away from your face next, I jump forward and do the front section.

As far as your hair getting tangled in the barrel, typically if you clamp onto too much hair or too wide a section it will beep and shut off.  I have had my hair wrapped in the barrel but this was because I accidentally had a piece from another section caught in it too but with a gentle pull it unravelled.

I do love the results, however the curls don't seem to last until the next day at all.  This could be for a lot of different reasons, hair texture / hair condition being one of them but I would consider my hair to be in a fairly decent state.  I've tried hair spray, I've tried pin curls while the hair is still hot and leaving them for an hour to cool which did give me super tight curls but by the morning they're still so far dropped that you can't really see it was curly at all.

So to conclude... I love the concept, it's so easy and convenient, there's no doubt about that.  The price is really steep, I would have said £60 - £70 would have been a more realistic cost.  This curler will be brilliant for updos on clients as it is such a straight forward process.  I will still use it on my hair and continue to see if anything will give me second day curls by playing with more styling products. I hope you found this review useful!

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