Friday, 21 March 2014

#dare2bare Competition

Today's blog post is more of a heads up really.  There's a competition that has started today and since there's a chance to win some really exciting beauty products you know I'm going to be all over that like a rash!

The low down
So, the long and short of it is Exposed are running a #dare2bare campaign that is open to everyone, whether you're a beauty therapist or a spray tan lover (let's be honest, those UV rays are only going to eventually turn you into a leather handbag otherwise)  There is a separate competition for beauty bloggers which I'll talk about at the end.

How to enter
To enter, all you need to do is take a photo of your tan line, no matter what brand it is and post it to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags below:
#dare2bare #exposedspraytan #spraytan #bbloggersuk
If you're a pro then take a photo of your client's tan line, tagging your client in the photo so Exposed know who they are too and then you both have a chance to win once you've entered via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the above hashtags.

Your entry should look like this...

...and yes, these are LL's white bits :)

The prizes
  • For the winning spray tan pro - £250 worth of Exposed solution (in a percentage of your choice)
  • For your winning client – An Exposed hamper containing the full range of Exposed retail products 

(Sidenote:  I've just trialled their Tan Eraser and it works a treat, the review will be on here next week)

This is just a few products from their retail range

The winners
The winners will be selected at random at The Creative Academy Bournemouth during their May open day. 

A little hint:  For the pro prize they’ll be looking at how many retweets, shares, and likes your photos have had, how many photos you’ve submitted and the quality of the photos.  That lucky person will receive £250 worth of Exposed Professional solution. The client who stars in the winning photo will also receive the retail hamper prize.

They’ll announce the winners on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you may be best to give them a cheeky follow as well or how are you going to know that you won?!

Now for the Beauty Blogger competition...  
Write a blog post about the #dare2bare campaign and Exposed Spray Tan, mention them when you tweet (@exposedspraytan) Facebook or Instagram, remembering of course to use the hashtags above.  They'll be keeping their eyeballs out for your post so make it a good one.

The beauty bloggers prize
For the bloggers, they’ll pick the best blog with the best coverage.  The winner will receive a £150 gift pack of professional beauty products from The Creative Academy in Bournemouth which stock loads of amazing products by brands such as CND and Outback Organics.

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