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Exposed Professional Sunless Tanning

Today's post is all about my recent trial of Exposed, as I'm after a new spray tan solution for my business.  I am known in my area for only using the best products, if I can't get a good brand in then I simply won't offer the service (I currently don't offer facials for this reason.)  

The brand of spray tan solution I currently use shall remain nameless.  In a nutshell, I believe it to be a good product but unfortunately their customer service has left a lot to be desired, therefore I've made the decision to look elsewhere in the hope that I can get an even better product, along with the amazing customer service that I'm after.  I'll go off on a tangent here but I think it's a shame when companies that started off humble and friendly (as this one did) then end up speaking to you in a 'well take it or leave it' kind of way.  Show your vote with your feet!

best spray tan in the UK

Anyway! So here's a run down of Exposed and some of their qualities.  They're pretty unique and for that reason they smash my current brand to smithereens!  

It's a dense solution.
Why is this good I hear you ask?  Well this is brilliant news for all spray tan pros because the paraben-free solution drops straight down to the ground.  Mobile pros can sleep peacefully knowing that they didn't tan their clients whole room as well as their bodies.  Obviously that also means that an extraction unit is not needed.  For newly qualified pros then that means you don't have to cough up an extra couple of hundred pounds on one of them either, nor do you have to lug one around with you. 

There's no scent.
Each and every client is different, some might think the smell of coconut is the best thing ever but you will also find some that can't stand it.  The lack of scent as you're spraying means that it caters to every taste.  This is also good if you have a male client for a spray tan, the last they'll want to do is smell like those typical feminine fragrances or some sort of dessert!  Also there is only a very minor scent during development. 

It has a natural colour guide.
If I had a pound for every time I was booking someone in for a spray tan and they've had to work out exactly what they will be doing that day to avoid being seen afterwards, I'd be a very rich lady.  The colour guide isn't crazy dark.  I'd say it's enough so that you can see where you've sprayed but I quite happily wore the guide colour, completely forgetting it was there.  For me personally it means I can be sprayed that morning before I start my day, it's working whilst I'm working and then when it's time to get ready for my special event I'm fully developed and ready to wash off the guide colour, amazing!

The solution is formulated to offer an even fade.  
I can't think of anything worse than the solution dissolving in patches, this is something that is on the top of my priorities when it comes to choosing a brand.

The base formula is an emollient cream as opposed to most other brands that use water or oil, therefore it can actually assist in helping sufferers of skin conditions like eczema.

Exposed Spray Tan

Now all of this is brilliant news but let's get onto the really important bit, the actual colour after the guide colour is washed off.  Firstly, as the guide colour is so light and natural looking, you don't notice much difference once you've showered.  I like this aspect a lot because most formulas have scary dark guide colour.  The thing I find hilarious is that typically you oddly grow to love your new gravy-style skintone as the hours go by but then you watch it swish down the plughole in the shower.  I don't feel like this manages your client's expectations at all and without a doubt will give them a sense of disappointment.  With Exposed there are no 'post shower blues' because it's so close to the end result.

Exposed gives a natural tanThe colour itself is all golden, I honestly think people would have trouble to spot you and your spray tan in a crowd of sun worshippers.  There are so many solutions that have an extremely orange base and it just gives me shivers, no one wants to look like that.

My husband is the person who I have informally trained up to spray me.  Sometimes he does well and sometimes not so much but he's free labour.  Anyway, when I asked his thoughts on it he said that he noticed that the density of the solution means he's not getting as choked up (his words, not mine!) Also oddly, despite me not being a small lady by any means, the solution went a ridiculously long way.  The sample bottle provided was tiny, to the point were as I had decided on a half body tan but we ended up doing the lot and still having some left over!  Obviously this to me just means it will be more cost effective per service.

So... am I converted from my existing brand to Exposed?  Absolutely!  As soon as my existing stock runs low I shall be switching over and I shall imagine that once I do, a lot of therapists in the area wont be far behind me.  The solutions are available in 6%, 8%, 10%, 12% and express to cater for every skintone.

There is also a retail range to maximise your tan which clients will love to use on those easier fade areas such as face and hands.  Finally when the time comes to remove it there is an amazing Tan Eraser which I have tried and works a treat. 

If you want to try this solution you can phone 01202 874 904 to get a free one application sample like I did.

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