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Preview Of The New Products From Soap and Glory

Today's blog post is a really exciting one because it's all about the five new Soap and Glory products due to be released over the next few weeks (date to be confirmed.)  I feel like everyone is a Soap & Glory fan, I have literally never heard of anyone who isn't which to me is truly phenomenal and almost unheard of.  It's definitely a brilliant testimony to the brand and their products.

I wanted to put this post together to give you a break down of the new products so that you can see them a little more up close.  Also I know that if you're anything like me then you'll make your decisions on what you're adding to your shopping list for the launch date!  I have tried most of them at this point but as I only received them on Friday, it's obviously far too soon for a full blown review so you will see those in the upcoming weeks.

Firstly let's start out with the three new products from their new 'Orangeasm' range, what a name!  I adore the names created by S&G's founder, Marcia Kilgore.  Sidenote: She also founded Bliss (spa) and FitFlop! 

Orangeasm is a mix of zingy green mandarin, Silician lemon and sweet orange peel.  This range promises to leave you feeling super fresh, clean, invigorated and maybe even a little frisky (ooh er!)

soap and glory orangeasm body wash 

First up from the range is the Orangeasm Revitalising Body Wash which has been created with a mix of stimulating ginseng, spicy pinkpepperberry, triple tea, green tea, honeybush and white tea antioxidants.  With all of those awakening ingredients it will be amazing for a morning shower!  Not only that, it also contains a moisture-boosting technlogy to cleanse and smooth your skin, all in one!  The price of this body wash will be £6.50 for 500ml.

soap and glory orangeasm super body butter 

Next up is the Orangeasm Super Rich Body Butter which has a few similar ingredients to the body wash such as the ginseng and pinkpepperberry extract, the green tea but also contains mangomilk and shea butter massage balls which sink into your skin. 

soap and glory orangeasm super body butter

This body butter has also been designed to give you a slight sheen to your skin which is amazing for sexy summer legs!  I love body butters that give you a little radiance, applying them to the centre of your legs is really flattering.  The price will be £10.50 for 300ml.

soap and glory orangeasm super tonic fragranceThe third product which is the Orangeasm Super Tonic Fragrance, I have been unable to trial this at the moment as the preview bottle was not available.  I've used this stock photo courtesy of the Soap & Glory PR Release for you to feast your eyes on.

The information I do know though is that it's in a stunning, sophisticated glass bottle.  The fragrance contains orange boost technology for an all day fragrance release featuring green mandarin & mint, sweet orange & lemon oils with a patchouli, petitgrains and geranium base.  

The price of this Super Tonic will be £12 for 250ml.

soap and glory sit tight super-intense 4d

Now onto the two exciting Sit Tight products.  The first is Sit Tight Super-Intense 4-D which is a targeted firming and smoothing lower body serum.  It promises to make your skin feel firmer in 14 days.

soap and glory sit tight super-intense 4d

This is a new 2014 edition that is hotter, stronger and more intense than ever.  I can confirm that I have tried this product out yesterday and I can agree with all three of these claims! 

soap and glory sit tight super-intense 4d

Sit Tight Super Intense 4D contains clinically tested levels of Pinkpepperslim - Lip-FB which is an amazing new oil derived from pinkpepperberries.  Not only that it also contains a super-concentrated "Pressocapusular Firm Plus" which are micro spheres that deliver a slow release ingredient whilst you sit!  

soap and glory sit tight super-intense 4d 

They've also added a sweet orange peel, essential oil, sweet almond oil, glycerin and olive oil to help smooth the skin.  I love that you apply this and leave it to work whilst you sit, this is definitely my type of beauty product!

soap and glory sit tight super-intense 4d

The packaging is a squeezy one to release a little of the formula at a time onto their Circu-360 massage roller.  The idea behind it is that the tri-ball application will help stimulate circulation and promote body smoothing. 

As I've only tried it once yesterday I can only give you my initial impression which is... it's fabulous!!  It is easy to use and straight forward and after a few minutes I then started to feel warmth on the area.. and cool!  I sat down and it definitely felt like it was doing it's thing.  This feeling carried on for a further fifty-something minutes, amazing!  I'm so excited to report back to you after two weeks!!  The price of this bad boy will be £18 for 125ml.

soap and glory sit tight saddlebags

The final new release is Sit Tight Saddle Bags+ which is a world exclusive targeted stubborn area serum system.  This is a great product to work alongside the Sit Tight Super Intense 4D as they target different areas.  

Sit Tight Saddle Bags+ is literally for your saddle bags which is the widest part of your hip only, where as Sit Tight Super Intense 4D has been designed for the backs of your entire thigh and I've also used it on the side of my thighs too. 

soap and glory sit tight saddle bags 

Once again the packaging is very straight forward and user-friendly. You squeeze a little bit of the product that dispenses directly onto the Microcellu-Roller for a multi-prong attact on your lump and bumps. 

soap and glory sit tight saddlebags 

Straight away this reminded me of a tractor tyre and it leaves a momentary imprint like this on your skin.  Hilariously I actually tried to photograph this imprint to show you but it went away instantly despite my best attempts.

soap and glory sit tight saddle bags 

The formula contain an antioxidant-rich coccoloba fruit polyphenols that target the tough-to-shift bits along with sweet almond, sweet orange peel and olive oils to smooth and hydrate.

soap and glory sit tight saddlebags 

Here's a nice big juicy photo of the 'tractor like' roller.  It's definitely needed on this area of your skin, in fact I'd say it's absolutely perfect for massaging your lumps and bumps!

soap and glory sit tight saddlebags 

The price of Sit Tight Saddlebags+ is £16.50 for 85ml.  Once again it promises a smoother result within 14 days, so you shall read about the end result in a few weeks, exciting!

soap and glory sit tight saddlebags

Above is the photo I tried to take to show you the massage results.  In truth all you can see is Erythema which is the redness of your skin caused by blood rushing to the surface.   This shows that the circulation has been increased in this area (a little aromatherapy knowledge there for you!)

I did also received their The Fab Pore 2-in-1 facial mask and peel and also their famous Sexy Mother Pucker plumping lip gloss so you shall also see them reviewed once I've trialled them. 

It's all very exciting with the new releases, I'd love to hear your thoughts on them and what you're interested in trying!

Products provided as PR Samples, as always my thoughts are my own.

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