Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Versace Woman Eau De Parfum

I'm all about the scents, fragrance is very important to me, I love to wear it myself and I definitely appreciate a good smelling man too.   If I told you that when a man walks past I sometimes wait a fraction of a second and then sniff up, just to see if he smells amazing or not, would that make me weird or do you get that?!

I realise I'm totally going off on one here but I did the sniff test to Phillip Schofield last year.  I was in the audience of The Cube and he came and stood directly in front of my knees so what did I do?   sniffffff! I imagined he would smell amazing in his suit but I can confirm he smelt like clean linen but no specific aftershave.  I was a little gutted but never mind.

versace woman eau de parfum perfume

Anyway, this review is purposely written as quickly as possible as today's bad boy is on special offer!  I was stood in the queue at Boots buying Deep Heat (long story but in a nutshell, LL is getting old) and I saw on the display stand that they had Versace Woman Eau De Parfum (50ml) half price.  I assumed that as it was reduced from £40 to £20, it would be horrific until I picked up the tester and I just died on the spot. 

versace woman eau de parfum perfume

The scent is just irresistable, sophisticated but modern.  I absolutely can't describe it officially so I've "borrowed" the description from the Boots website:

Fragrance Family
Floral-fruity, woody
Fragrance Note
Top note: Frangipani blossoms, jasmine, bergamot, eglantine flower
Middle note: Padpardscha lotus, prune, raspberry
Base: Lebanon, amber, musk, inoki wood

versace woman eau de parfum perfume

It's pretty sweet fragrance which I love and I really wanted to mention it as it's Mother's Day on Sunday 30th March here in the UK (I realise the States have a different date) and it could be an amazing gift. 

The packaging is pretty but a bit odd in terms that it's top heavy and I have found I can easily knock it over. At this point I've knocked it over at least three times and I only bought it on Sunday...!

versace woman eau de parfum perfume 

I think perfume is a very personal thing for everyone apart from me (I like loads of perfumes so it's hard to get it wrong!) but this one is a beautiful one.  The special offer price will suit a lot of budgets and because I'm a little quirky I'm even considering a back up bottle.  This is definitely one that you must try out!

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  1. Sounds lovely Im always on the look out for a new scent will have to give it a sniff

    Carrieanne xx


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