Monday, 17 March 2014

What's New In Beauty

Yesterday I went to the "Step Into Paradise" open day at Creative Academy+ Manchester.  I love going up there to be honest, the ladies are all super friendly and welcome you in with open arms (literally!)

The open day was to showcase the stunning Paradise Collection Shellac, Additives and Vinylux as well as introduce two new brands that they shall be stocking and providing education for.  As I love all things beauty I love to see what's coming out next.  I will try my upmost to be at the top of my game in informing all of you as well!

Ear waxing demonstration

First up I headed up to their new snazzy training rooms to watch a demonstration of the new Outback Organics wax by male waxing guru Andy Rouillard.  

This wax applies in the same direction as the hair growth and removed against it without the use of strip.  The difference between this and a traditional hot wax is that you apply a thin layer which is far more cost effective per service.  It also has a rapid drying time of 30 seconds and will remove anything from the finest downy hair to an extremely coarse one.  There is also a range of Australia Botanical and Tea Tree range for post waxing but also for general use products like shampoo, conditioner and deodorant which would be brilliant for retailing in a salon.

Nostril wax demonstration

 Lip wax demonstration

'The Beauty Guru' Sam Marshall also attended to give us some general and intimate waxing demonstrations using Outback Organics.  She seemed lovely and even with a very brave model having a pretty intimate bikini wax with at least 30 sets of eyeballs on her, she was making us all laugh.

CND Education Ambassador Jeni Smith

In the training room next door were three CND Education Ambassadors demonstrating the crazy amount of fun that you can have with the new Shellac Paradise collection, Additives and Dashing Diva. 

Amazing colour wheels

More beautiful colour wheels

Now I was thinking of all of you nail art lovers so I then took some close up photos so that you could get some inspiration (aren't I good to you?!) So here goes...


Hope you enjoyed looking at those, I know I did!

CND Education Ambassador Amelia Redhead

Amelia was demonstrating Dashing Diva which is actually something I've not had any previous experience of.  In a nutshell it's called an 'applique' which is a gorgeous little patterned sheet that is cut to shape and attached to the nail bed, filed into the shape of the nail at the free edge and then has a base coat and top coat applied (curing under a UV lamp or the LED LightPod that I'm going to show you in a second)  They're available in everything from chevrons, glitter, fading colours so the possiblities are unbelievable.  I could have watched her for ages, seemingly having an utter whale of a time!


On a side note, check out that little Dashing Diva LED LightPod which is on the left of the above photo, near to the bottles.  It's roughly the size of a glasses case and cures the coats in 45 seconds!  I dream of a day that there is a version of it to cure Shellac, I would have so much more space on my nail desk!

 CND Education Ambassador Dawn Grant

Last stop was the Moroccantan area which is Creative Academy+ Manchester's new spray tan brand.  This tan boasts a wash off in two hours and a solution that contains Argan oil to moisturise, hydrating your skin as it develops.  The scent reminded me of honey, I'm possibly the only person that thought this but that's what my nose was telling me!

We were advised that the idea behind it is that your client can wash off the guide colour after two hours but to bear in mind that it will still take quite a few hours to fully develop.


Above are the photos of their new break area for the students whilst their training.  It was decked out with all kinds of fabulous nibbles and a fruit juice cocktail fountain.

So that's all for today's post.  Hopefully you've enjoyed my little report of the day!  If you want to keep up to date with the latest goings on at the academy then I've provided you with this fancy link.

If you're in the north west and looking to educate yourself in all aspects of beauty then I would highly suggest you train with them.  This post wasn't sponsored by them at all.  In fact I didn't even tell them what I was doing this until afterwards because that's just how I roll and I knew you'd want to see it anyway....!

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