Sunday, 6 April 2014

Champneys Energising Lime Foaming Body Scrub

Scrubs are a little bit of a guilty pleasure for me, I just find them so satisfying.  To then find a scrub with lime in it just through me over the edge.  

I held off buying Champneys Energising Lime Foaming Body Scrub for a few months because to be quite honest with you, I thought £10 was pretty steep for the amount you get and really, you're paying for the jar.   I bought this product as part of a three for two deal which softened the blow.

Champneys Energising Lime Foaming Body Scrub

When I got home I looked up the reviews on the Boots website and noticed that the range in general doesn't have good reviews.  This didn't cloud my judgement intially over it but I do agree with the majority of reviews now in regards to the fact that it should be clear that it is very minty.  The product name says "lime" but then in a smaller font "with lime & peppermint oil & orange fruit extract."  I feel like to make it clearer it should just be called "lime and peppermint" because this is closer to how strong a scent it is.

Champneys Energising Lime Foaming Body Scrub

I'd say the formula is very gel-like.  It does foam a little as you massage it into your skin however I don't think the exfoliating beads are "scrubby" enough for my liking.  It's very rare that I find a body scrub that actually scrubs like I want it do.  I don't want a gel with a few beads in, there's plenty of body washes like are like that.  I just don't see why marketing teams create a product for a purpose but then make it a really weak formula so that it doesn't quite do the job?!

The bottom line is... to me it's just not worth the money.  It doesn't do a great job as an exfoliator.  The scent is very minty which takes over the lime fragrance that I expected from the title.   For these reasons I won't be repurchasing it.

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