Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Champneys Spa Energising Lime Body Wash

Today's post is on the Champneys Spa Energising Lime Body Wash which I bought as part of a three for two deal in Boots, along with other items from the range.

As I said with the review the Foaming Body Scrub from the range, I expected a huge zingy lime fragrance and for it to be very 'get up and go' scent for the morning (like Original Source shower gel). However, it is very difficult to detect any lime in it and smells more of the peppermint oil in my honest opinion.


The texture is pretty gel-like with little beads that you can't feel and appear to either burst or disintegrate as you wash.  

I feel like this body wash it pretty difficult to review as it's not a horrible product, it smells pleasant but it's just not the citrus, zingy scent that I thought it would be.  If you like peppermint and lime then you'll probably love this, if you're expecting a strong lime scent then you'll find yourself pretty disappointed.

It does do the job and it serves the purpose but I don't feel like it's special enough to repurchase it again.  In truth, if you're looking for a true lime shower gel you can do no better than purchasing Original Source Pure Lime Shower Gel for a fraction of the cost.

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