Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Forever Aloe Hand & Face Soap

I would say that my skin was fairly low maintenance, I cover it in highly fragranced products and it doesn't give me any grief in general... apart from my face.  For the past ten years or so I find that when I get out of the shower, my face (in particular my forehead) always feels really tight.  So tight that it's probably not too far away from the sensation of having a carrier bag tied over my head, it's just horrid.  

To make matters worse I find a lot of face moisturisers don't actually relieve these symptoms either.  The only two that I have found to work is Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser.  I always get a little nervous when I reach near the bottom of the tubs as I know I will need it without a doubt for every single shower.  

Anyway, with that little back story/waffle I will get into today's review of Forever Living Aloe Hand & Face Soap.

Forever Aloe Hand & Face Soap

I have to admit I was sceptical of putting this soap near my face, I'm not going even going to lie about it.  I actually have no idea why either, it smells gorgeous.  It's clean, like fresh linen and compared to some of the other products from the range I'm trialling, it's actually got a fairly substantial - yet not overpowering - fragrance (most of them have very little scent so this is a change.)

What I like about this formula is that the first thing on the ingredients list is Aloe Barbadensis Gel which means that this has the highest content in the bottle.  This pleases me immensely as it shows how pure the product is and equally, the quality of it. 

Forever Living Aloe Hand & Face Soap promises to gently cleanse the skin as well as leaving it feeling pampered and silky smooth.  Previously I've found it difficult to believe anything that's washed away can leave your skin moisturised (and this is why I pretty much detested the Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser with a passion which totally proved my thoughts correct.) 

Forever Living Aloe Hand & Face Soap 

I'm absolutely ecstatic to tell you that I'm floored by this soap.  I actually can't believe I'm typing this but I washed my face in the shower with it.  I then climbed out and wrapped my hair in a towel as usual.  Normally by the time I get to the bedroom that's basically a make up room (I'm not even joking,) I normally have the tightness in my face but it wasn't there at all ** insert shocked face **

I sat on my chair waiting for the feeling to start so I can slap on my moisturiser.  Nope!  Nothing.  In fact, my face felt like I had already had moisturiser on it.  I literally can't believe it.  ** pauses and touches face **  It's craziness!  I actually do generally put my moisturiser on as a force of habit afterwards although I know that I can get away with it and I certainly don't need to do my emergency dash from the bathroom to the bedroom anymore.

I know I'm one of many that suffer with this problem and I know I've found the solution, at least for my skin anyway.   I actually can't believe what I'm saying.  

The bottom line is... this soap is amazing, it works beyond my expectations to the point that it totally exceeds them.  The most I was expecting was for it to correct the imbalance and stop the dry/tight feeling, so for it to actually truly hydrate it is phenomenal to me.

If you've tried this product, please let me know as I would love to hear back from you.  This soap was provided as a sample however the above thoughts are completely my own.  I highly recommend it!

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