Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Houndstooth Nail Tutorial

Begrudgingly, I recently had to cut down my nails because they had started to rip.  One is fine as I'll just repair it but when it starts happening to a few of them, it's time to go!  I like to do like this every now and again because I then can do certain things again like typing with my fingers instead of my nails, for example. 

I think most people hate how stumpy they are until you get used to them again but I like to apply a full on print to them.  I just think a jazzy pattern takes some of the attention away from shorter nails. 

houndstooth nail tutorial houndstooth nails 

With that in mind I decided to try houndstooth print just as it was something I hadn't previously tried.  I think it looks more complicated than it is really.

Here's the tutorial!

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