Thursday, 3 April 2014

LiverpoolLashes 4th Birthday & Giveaway

If I told you how much I appreciated your support, would you believe me?  Probably not.  You probably read/watch You Tubers and Bloggers thank their followers and want to roll your eyes but imagine this for a second...

I am just a normal person (albeit I have a crazy personality that unfortunately you don't hear in my nails videos.)  I have a normal life which includes a whole host of emotions and plot twists from being excited, to happy, to upset and unfortunately on a rare occasion, to very sad.  I say this because it's hard to imagine me as a real person when to you I'm probably just a voice, two hands and an eyelid(!)  

One day, this somewhat normal person decided to have a bit of a laugh and make a nail tutorial.  Obviously I hoped people would like the video and in time I hoped that I would gather together some people that enjoyed what I did.  It's incredibly difficult to start a channel on You Tube.  There are that many videos on there that your little video with 9 views (or whatever) can just fall into the background.  I'm not saying this to toot my own horn.  I'm saying this because if you're thinking of starting a channel then you need to know that it will take months and months and months for your videos to get remotely noticed by people and even then it will likely to be slow, no matter how fabulous you are at.  I wouldn't want any of you to be disheartened and give up but on the other hand, you have to do it because you truly love it.  

I made the username really without thinking about it not sounding very 'nail art related.'  I wanted something that represented me, so I chose my home city of Liverpool and then at the time I wore false lashes on a daily basis so 'Lashes' just seemed to fit.

If you've ever tried to contact me you'll know that I do reply to you, most probably receive a reply within a couple of hours too.    I actually generally get a shocked second reply from followers about how quick I've gotten back to you / how in depth my reply was or even just the fact that I've replied at all.  For as long as I can do so I will always try my up most to respond and never knowingly ignore you.  Over the past four years I've received so many emails, private messages and tweets just to say "thank you" to me.  Honestly when I receive one it totally overwhelms me.  I say to people that know me, "but I'm just me."  This probably sounds stupid but I don't believe I'm anything special yet somehow people know of my username.  I've had people say that I've been their inspiration to move into the industry, I'm just floored by it all.  

I wish you knew what it was like to be me.  The grass isn't always green.  Sometimes I get frustrated that I've spent a whole day on a video that when I've looked back at it, it's just not up to the standard I want and then I feel down about it.  I can spend over an hour to VoiceOver the first 15 seconds of a video because I've not liked the little noise my throat made when I said "hi" - I'm not even joking you!

On the flip side, I wish you could see me well up when I receive an amazing email from a business, someone in the industry or a follower that just wants to say thanks.  I take every positive thing that happens as an absolute blessing, to the point where as I'm close to welling up just typing this now just thinking about it.  I wish you knew how much it meant to me.

I have an excellent memory and I've learnt a lot of your usernames and real names.  I never want you to think that it's 'not worth commenting, she will never see it' because I ALWAYS do and the chances are, I'll remember your real name or a conversation we've had in the past too.

Now that you know all of this and how you all make me feel, do you see why I appreciate you?  I hope so.

I wanted to write this very personal piece today of all days but to finish on an exciting note, my giveaway.  All of the information is in this video and I truly hope that you all enter it, I mean it.

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  1. Fabulous Karen! I love your blog... I've often thought about doing a YouTube channel too but just not sure where I'd start! And would hate to look l had copied others! I'm going to look into it more you have inspired me chick! X


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