Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Nail Of The Day: Yellow, Green, Silver with Dashing Diva Accents

Ever since I qualified I have heard of Dashing Diva but at the time I had made it my focus to invest the little money I had into Shellac, I just don't see the point in getting dribs and drabs of different systems. 

After watching a demonstration by Amelia Redhead (CND Education Ambassador) at Creative Academy+ Manchester, I finally decided to invest in it.  Like usual, I was ridiculously excited to get stuck in.  I currently have twelve different designs ranging from a full nail cover (which can be cut anyway you like,) to tattoos and accents.  I plan on doing a full video on them in the future but for now I just wanted to make today's post a 'nail of the day.'


Here I am wearing Shellac Lush Tropics, Bicycle Yellow with Tropic Sunrise Additive over it, Silver Chrome with a silver holographic foil over it and then my new Dashing Diva Accents in True Enchantment on the ring finger.  

The Accents are so easy to apply and are extremely effective.  I applied it with pointed tweezers that I use for semi permanent lashes and it was fairly straight forward.  I will be trying the full nail effects shortly so I shall reserve judgement on them now but I'm hoping that they are as easy to use.  Once I had applied the Gelife base coat and top coat it is completely smooth and seals the edges so that you can't feel them.

I also thought I'd include this photo to show you of my friend's nails.  The Accents matched an outfit for a wedding she was going to so she was my first 'taker' of them.  I think it looks beautiful over her extensions and she has since told me that quite a few people at the wedding commented on them.

My only issue that that I wish Dashing Diva had a wider selection.  There are many stunning designs but there are only a handful for the Accents range so I hope in the future that they do release more.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today's little post.  Once I've played around with them more I shall definitely make my video on them.

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