Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sleep-In Hello Great Hairdryer Hood

My need for curly hair has been a work in progress.  Before my hairdressing course I would that I was terrible at curling it myself.  I just couldn't get to the back and then the only bits I bothered about is the top section so it all looks very amateur.  Since starting the course I have been very interested in finally getting my hair how I want it.  

Although I'm naturally a brunette, I've been colouring my hair a red shade (above left) for the best part of two years so it was time for a change.  I chose to have it coloured back to my natural shade but have highlights added in a caramel tone (above right) to make the curly hair I craved, stand out.

Recently I had a wet set in college from one of the other students for her assessment.  This is literally, like the name suggests, to wash the hair, apply a setting lotion or mousse and then apply heat until they set the hair into that position.  To be brutally honest I had no hope of this wet set being any good, Jenny would say this herself.  I have to admit I was blown away by the end result and Jenny was too!

I do have Velcro rollers, curling wands and heated rollers but the best type of curl is really one that the hair is dried into that position.  

My wet set was a few weeks back and since then I've been getting itchy feet about doing it again at home.  I nipped to the beauty supply store a few days back and bought the exact rollers Jenny used on me.  I then ordered myself the Sleep-In Hello Great Hairdryer Hood.

Onto the review of the hairdryer hood!  I have to admit I find pink things fairly tacky.  I just think it's typical because it's a product made for the female market so they think that the only shade we appreciate is hot pink.  Unfortunately Sleep In Rollers have gone with this thought also and ensured that everything from their product line along with it's packaging is in a fuchsia shade.

The hood itself does look a little cheap, probably down to the colour but also the fabric being close to satin look which only reminds me of a nightie that you would buy in TJ Hughes.  It has little vent holes along the tube into the hood itself and they aren't reinforced at all so I know that they will probably start fraying at some stage as this is evident already.  


Reviews online of this product state that a lot of people have a problem with attaching it to their hairdryer as the elasticated section isn't wide enough.  I can definitely imagine this to be a struggle with a lot of hairdryers.  Mine is a professional one and extremely narrow so it fits perfectly but the average Remington/Babyliss/TRESemme versions from Argos probably wont fit. 


I have to say that this hood works brilliant.  The instructions state to dry your hair to around 80% dry, apply your rollers and then once your hairdryer is attached to the hood you can just put it on and ensure the drawstring is tight to stop any of the heat escaping.  You are also to set your hairdryer to a medium heat and speed.  I was a little concerned that the hood might be a little tight to put on as my head isn't the smallest sidenote: people with larger heads are actually more intelligent apparently but it fit easily on my head, covering in rollers and the drawstring pulls tight around my hairline.

I would say overall this hairdryer hood works amazingly well.  Obviously a full sized hood drier is always going to be the best option but it's a good alternative.  I know that plenty of other companies make them but typical they're pretty old fashioned to cater for the older market so this just makes it young and modern.  I actually don't think I would be without mine now!

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