Saturday, 19 April 2014

Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Wash

Today's post is a review of the newly released Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Wash that I given to trial before the launch date.

Orangeasm is a mix of zingy green mandarin, Silician lemon and sweet orange peel.  This range promises to leave you feeling super fresh, clean, invigorated and maybe even a little frisky (ooh er!)

Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Wash 

As I said with the Super Rich Body Butter from this range that I reviewed last week, the scent is definitely a citrus one which I will put down to the green Mandarin, Silician lemon and sweet orange peel oils.  It isn't overly sweet which I attribute this to the green tea.   

I do love how refreshing it is when you use it in the shower, it really does work you up.  Soap & Glory do claim that this wash contains moisture boosting properties which I always think is just something that they put on as a marketing idea, but I actually do think that it helps to moisturise my skin as I wash.

My only downfall with this body wash is that I really don't like the pump style packaging.  It's exactly the same packaging as their Clean On Me Clarfying Shower Gel and it's something that's always put me off.  I just prefer a squeezy tube when I'm in the shower and not to stand there pushing a pump.

Packaging issue aside I do think at 500ml you do get a lot for your money.  Typically they're often on a three for two deal in Boots as well which brings down the cost even further.  This is definitely one for you to check out!

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