Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Favourites 2014

April has been a month of trialling a lot of new products for me and desperately trying to use my older supplies to ease the guilt!   I'm always hesitant to try everything all at once because the effect can get blurred as to which product is the one that's actually making the difference etc.  

I was particularly excited to do this blog post and video because of my new finds, some of which actually have the potential to be complete beauty routine changers for me.

beauty favourites 2014

It wasn't my intention to feature three Soap & Glory products together.  Two of them go hand in hand and the third is a long term favourite of mine that I just had to mention.  

As usual, I've made my video of all of my favourites.  I tried to give mini reviews of each product this month (my mouth clearly just started flapping and couldn't stop) but I really felt like it was needed this month as it's so much better than just being 'I like this/I like that/I've used that' and I'm justifying my love for them!!  I hope you enjoy!

Here's the video:

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  1. You can't be without Sudocrem it's a must and I'm so behind the times I haven't tried anything by soap and glory yet shame on me xx


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