Friday, 2 May 2014

Lush Fun

Today's review is of Lush's Fun.  This was a limited edition gold shade that was given to me as part of my Christmas present from bezzie.  It's available in loads of different colours which I believe to be different scents.  The gold one is that amazing "Honey I Washed The Kids" fragrance that Lush do.  

I'd watched a video by a lush employee a while ago about all of the different ways you can use Fun.  You can use it to play with (like Playdough) and squish it which would be great for kids.  You can also use it to wash your body with or just break a piece off and chuck it in the bath like I did.

I used around a fifth of the bar and I must admit it was quite crumbly when I broke it off which I was a little surprised at as I expected it to be more of a Playdough texture.  It also didn't dissolve in the water as quickly as I thought (may I point out that it's definitely in date.) 

When it did completely disappear it didn't change the colour of the bath water too much, perhaps a little yellow which didn't look that good when I got out!  I have to say however that the fragrance was gorgeous and I loved how soft it made my skin.  

Overall I enjoyed using Fun.  If I split the whole bar into five then that means each bath costs me a pound which is a pretty good price compared to their bath bombs.  Something that I will mention however is that when I pulled the plug and left the bathroom, I didn't return for hours and was horrified to find that it literally looked like there was a load of sand all over the inside.  It didn't take too much effort to rinse away but I have no doubt I'll be doing this every single time I use it.

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