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Moroccantan Spray Tan

It all started with an almost two and a half hour traffic jam, I'm talking about the day of course but this is relevant to the review so bear that in mind for later.

I was invited to try the new Moroccantan that is exclusive to Sweet Squared and available through Creative Academy Manchester in two ranges, their Original Collection and the Exotic Collection.  Being the beauty obsessed person that I am, I was more than happy to see if this new tan lives up to expectation.


My day started with a massive delay as my friend Emma and I found ourselves stuck in this huge queue because a lorry had spilt crates of chickens across the motorway (I couldn't make it up if I tried.)  I'd brought Emma with me as she has just come back from overseas and has a good tan already, so I figured that she could try their deeper Exotic Collection range to review it for you and little pale old me could try their lighter, Original Collection.  


Here's the information you need to know:
  • This formula is loaded with Organic goodness such as Argan Oil and Aloe Vera.  The Argan Oil is rich in antioxidants which help your skin retain it's youthful glow, reducing fine lines and providing a moisture to left your skin soft and smooth. (The Moroccan Exotic Collection also contains Rosehip Oil to deeply nourish and hydrate all skin types)
  • It's free from the bad stuff like sulphate and parabens.
  • Morrocantan dries fast without an oily or sticky feeling. 
  • Depending on the formula, they have an amazing wash off time of between an hour and four hours, there's no hanging around waiting!
  • It's the right type of colour, the green base in the Original Collection ensures that there is no orange tones whilst the violet base with deep ashy browns ensure a perfect bronzed shade.
Let's get into it...  
Emma was the first to get her tan and immediately I noticed was scent of honey.  I must say that I didn't notice the scent as much when it came to my tan.  I wasn't sure if that was just because I was used to it by then or it's just the difference in the collections but Emma also feels like it appeared to be less so I just wanted to point that out if you were wondering. 

Emma's tan line before wash off - MoroccantanDusk (11% DHA)

The guide colour is fairly dark on both of us which I actually prefer for spraying clients with.  I'm hesitant to use the word "dark" because this may sound like a negative thing and it really isn't (you can see for yourself on the photos I've provided) it's just definitely nice and clear.  This would be great for my home salon as my spotlights are directly above the client which can cause shadows, so I definitely need something I can see so I know where needs doing next.  

When my spray tan was done, I pretty much felt dry straight away without any stickiness, however I did take full advantage of the fancy kimonos that they had there and proceeded to prance around the room in it for fun.

On a random side note, I really liked the tan routine that they train out at Creative, it's different to how I was trained but really effective and thorough.  

 My tan line before wash off - Moroccantan Original (10% DHA)

Anyway, here's where that bit about the traffic jam comes into it.  I was on a tight schedule that day and I was meant to be there at 10am.  As Morrocantan has a maximum development time of four hours (depending on the formula) I worked it out to mean that I would be able to be clean and fresh as a daisy for college at 6pm with hours to spare.  Well thanks to the lorry/chicken situation on the motorway, we didn't arrive until close to 11.45 which really meant that if I had have been using my usual spray tan brand, I could wave goodbye to a fresh Karen arriving for my hairdressing course (it's an 8 hour develop time) but... The Moroccantan Original can be washed off in two hours!! Result!  Emma had to wait four hours for hers which even then is half of what my clients usually have to wait, so it still gave her enough time to shower and get herself into college too.  

Now the development times are ace but it's worth bearing in mind that it is going to still be working its magic after wash off for a good few hours.  The final result will not be visible immediately after the wash off because good things come to those who wait, right?  

I had Emma write her thoughts for you too:
"I thought it was applied really easily and it smelt lovely.  When it was hitting my skin there didn't seem to be a lot coming out and it wasn't sticky or tacky at all, drying almost immediately.  I loved the guide colour, it looked really natural on my skin.  A lot of the colour came off in the shower but I was delighted when I got out to get dry as I loved the colour that was developing.  I really felt glowing and looked really healthy.  Usually when I have any type of tan you can smell the developing smell all the time in the air around you but with MoroccantanDusk I could only smell it if I put my nose directly on my skin, but it was only very minimal.  I've had my hands in and out of water all day cleaning and it has made no difference to the tan which just shows the quality of the formula!  I'm really pleased with it and overall it lasted a week on me!"

Emma's tan line after wash off - MoroccantanDusk (11% DHA)

I must say that the wash off did appear to take a lot of colour away, I watching it swishing down the plug leaving initially a fairly light tan.  I washed mine off after 3 hours for reference.   However, by the time I was half way through my time at college though, my friends were commenting that the colour was now showing which at this point was around 6 hours post tan.  

My tan line before wash off - Moroccantan Original (10% DHA)

The overall colour is fantastic and it's really natural looking.  On Emma it's really enhanced the colour that she already had and actually literally just looks like she was abroad for longer than she was.  I would say the this spray tan lasted around 6 days on me before it started to break up and then it was the sad time where I had to exfoliate... ready for another one!

Alison used the Classic Glam spray tan machine on me which I have to admit I was dribbling over.  Firstly it's far more attractive than the one I have and I liked how light it all seemed.  It's not all about looks but I thought it deserved it's own photo, the little stunner.


It's worth noting that there are a full range of tan preserving and prolonging products too to retail to your clients.  Obviously, because your hands and face will fade quicker due to the amount of washing and removing make up, it's always good to be able to offer the corresponding product to keep their colour longer.

Moroccantan is actually finalist in Lifestyle Fashion & Beauty Awards.  If you want to try it out for yourself then you can either purchase a Sample Pack at Creative Academy Manchester.


The Original Collection Sample Pack contains MoroccantanGold (8% DHA) MoroccantanOriginal (10% DHA) and MoroccantanBronze (12% DHA) 


Their Exotic Collection Sample Pack contains MoroccanDusk (11% DHA) and MorrocanNights (15% DHA)

However if you would like to try a free sample then I would highly recommend you do so!

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