Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My Work: Dashing Diva in Gold Treasure

I wanted to share with you my first full set of Dashing Diva appliques.  I've been really excited to try them and so far I've applied the small accents to my own nails and a few to a couple of clients, but it's a whole different ball game doing a whole set of them.  

Jo chose the Gold Treasure glitter appliques which have the option of a full nail or a french tip.  I'd probably say that they are more peach than gold but they're completely stunning and she couldn't stop staring at them afterwards.


I wouldn't say this application was completely perfect and I need to definitely choose a size larger than I initially think.  I was finding I was trying ones that were slightly too short so that's something to improve on.  I also need to pay close attention to making sure they're completely smooth down the side walls but overall I'm pleased with them and more importantly, so was she.

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