Saturday, 31 May 2014

Pearl Drops Everyday White Toothpaste

Today's post is about a toothpaste, I actually never thought I'd be talking about one on my blog but this one had to be featured.

I'm dubious of admitting that I'd noticed for a while that the middle of my lower teeth were looking pretty yellow.  Eeeee how horrible to admit that but I wouldn't exactly be purchasing a whitening product if I didn't have something to whiten eh?  As I'm not a tea of coffee drinker, I'm going to blame Pepsi Max for its delicious, yet staining formula.

 pearl drops everyday white toothpaste

Anyway, I bought the Pearl Drops Everyday White Toothpaste from Asda when I was in need of a new toothpaste (that sounds like a ridiculous sentence but what I mean is I noticed our usual Aquafresh was running low and the truth be known, this toothpaste was on offer for a £1 so I just had to try it.)  Honestly, I just bought it thinking if it remotely helps then I would be delighted.  

It's at this point that I wish I had a before and after photo to insert but firstly, I didn't think I'd be reviewing it.  Secondly, although I'm fortunate to have naturally straight teeth, I'm still not 100% happy of doing some crazy close up shots of my gnashers.  

Anyway, I've been using this toothpaste morning and night with my Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Electric Toothbrush and it's been decent to use, just like any other toothpaste.  The taste is a nice mint, nothing too strong but the exciting bit is the result.

Honestly I wouldn't say I've brushed them for any longer a length of time than usual but one day I looked in the mirror whilst I was brushing them and noticed that the yellow staining has completely gone.  I'm a little shocked but this bad boy definitely works.  I couldn't be happier!  

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